TomTom VIA 1535TM Review

Characteristic Features:

  • Map and Traffic – Free Life Time Updates
  • Spoken Commands Via Voice Navigation
  • Bluetooth Connection à Hands Free Calling
  • 5 inch Touch screen
  • Advanced Lane Guidance + IQ Routes
  • Mount is integrated
  • US – Canada – Mexico maps are preloaded
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What do users always expect from any TomTom product? Great navigation features at amazing prices. For most commuters Free Traffic and Map updates offered at a decent price is more than enough of an incentive to go for a particular gps unit. TomTom VIA 1535TM offers exactly that same thing at a really decent price. The navigator comes under $150 which by the way is considered a great price tag. As always in the VIA 1xx5 series, you have preloaded maps from US, Canada and Mexico.

What’s the VIA interface all about?

Those who are used to the older models of TomTom will find fresh rearrangements in the new VIA interface. The one thing that you are surely going to miss is the multi-destination planning that was so useful for long journeys. Moreover, only one in-between point is permitted when planning the routes. This is what you are presented with on start-up:

The 5.3 inch Touch Screen looks beautiful but takes a bit longer for registering commands. It can be annoying at times. Once you have zeroed in on a particular place, the details cannot be saved directly from the screen itself. Although minor, but surely, a minus point. You have to switch on the device initially. The good thing is that instructions are allowed for immediate switching off once the vehicle’s engine is turned off by cutting out the power from car battery.

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Easy Docking and Removal

TomTom VIA 1535TM has been blessed with an integrated mount system. This is much better compared to those systems that had detachable mounts. Many users had complained about the mount coming out during bad road conditions. Thankfully, this problem has now been resolved. With integrated mount systems, even feeble attempts to dock the gps unit on to the dashboard are successful. Additionally, there is also an adhesive disk in the box for mounting purpose. It seems that TomTom has invested some amount of research in this regard.

Quick Boot Up Operations

Starting the device takes only about one or two seconds and henceforward, connection with satellites for displaying information comes quickly. The screen is intelligent and rotates full 180 degrees when you turn the device upside down.

Beautiful 5 inch Touch screen

Beautiful and easy response touch screen will always help you in the long run. This is a 16:9 Resistive Screen having a resolution of 480 X 272 pixels.

Great Voice Navigation

Voice navigation is catching up fast and most companies are offering this feature. However, a responsive system that makes note of all the commands is still a farfetched idea. But 1535TM has one of the best voice navigation facilities till date, much better compared to rivals. You can key in several variations of commonly used commands and the system will execute. That means fewer loads while driving. Another good thing is the Bluetooth connection which allows hands-free calling.

And Of course, Free Lifetime Map and Traffic updates with high quality navigation from TomTom are always a plus-point.

What you get on ordering the product:

  • GPS navigator TomTom VIA 1535TM
  • Maps are pre-loaded on to the unit
  • Mount system integrated
  • Adhesive disk for mounting
  • User manual – Documents
  • USB cable
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If you are looking for routing performance there is no question about the abilities of TomTom VIA 1535TM. Yes, there are few issues with keying in the data and saving information on to the system but that is no deterrent when you are aiming towards high quality navigation and more importantly, avoiding heavy traffic congestion.