TomTom START 50M Review with 5 inch Touchscreen

In the age of all-purpose smartphones you may be inclined to use the phone for extended navigation. However, using your mobile as the dedicated GPS unit during long distance travel has its own set of hazards. First of all, you would surely run out of battery within a really short span of time and the worst part is that the engaging the phone for such long periods disrupts overall communication. This is the reason why people invest in vehicle GPS units. TomTom START 50M is one among the cheapest options in this segment with all the necessary features. You may not get the fancy menus and sleek apps but the device does what it is supposed and expected to do; high quality and accurate navigation.

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Having a fully functional navigator on the car dashboard is nothing short of luxury for the person on the wheel. Phone networks may give you a miss in areas where you really need map guidance the most. If you are someone who has never bought a navigator before, START 50M is a good way to get going. The price hovers in a nice cheap and comfortable range for most online stores and the holiday season is bound to offer better discounts and rebates.

The one thing about using smartphones is that the display would be crystal sharp in nature which looks attractive right from the word go. But this fact is easily negated by large screen GPS units wherein the sharpness is not so down and using the interface is really easy.

TomTom START 50M Review – Features

  • Totally Free Lifetime Map Updates – Latest US or European maps included
  • Preinstalled points of interests
  • IQ Routes – Low travel time
  • Easy Port Mounting System – Windshield & Dashboard
  • Lane Guidance
  • Big 5 inch Touch Screen

 What you do not have?

Live Services from TomTom are not part of this device.

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Two prominent names in low cost navigation devices having a 5inch screen are – START 50M and START 50. But our suggestion is to go for START 50M.

All things aside, the asset for navigation systems are Maps. And TomTom is really serious in that department. Free Maps implies that you will continue to use the device without any kind of extra payments in future. There are many devices wherein you have to pay for new updates and that is a costly affair since details change quite frequently.  Like any other quality in-dash navigation device you are provided millions of Points of Interests so that getting relevant information about places and services is never too difficult. Some travelers use this function to find gas stations having the lowest prices.

5 inch or bigger screens are always easy to handle even for those who are no so tech-savvy in nature. Resistive screen implies that touch action is smooth and keying in the instructions takes place fast.  The bottom part of the screen is where you can see important journey details such as advanced lane guidance, current speeds and limits, distance etc. No problems occur when using during the nights.

Preplanning the best routes

IQ routes feature has changed the face of modern travelling. No more travelling through congested areas or blocked routes. Just key in the destination and you will be provided the best route as per various parameters. For those having high levels of hesitations, the Sharing feature is ideal for removing persistent doubts. You can watch out for any kind of sudden change in routes by logging in the Map sharing community. These two create a really accurate system for creating travel plans.

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What’s in the design?

The screen resolution stands at 480 X 272 pixels which is enough for comfortable usage.  It is a 16:9 resistive screen. Simple interface on the gadget allows hassle free usage.


Why you should not use the smartphone as in-dash navigation?

  1. It is a constant distraction
  2. Inaccurate connections may result in wrong routes
  3. Battery gets exhausted soon
  4. Features like lance guidance, route planning and points of interests are missing
  5. International travel has its own challenges
  6. Phone communication is hampered



START 50M is a navigator that suits low budgets. It has all the necessary features that modern devices boast of and the most important one is the Free Map Updates wherein you really save the money required for latest updates. This is even more important if you are living in the European Unions as almost 45 countries come under the free scheme.