TomTom Go Live 2535M – Review

(This model has now been discontinued. 

The best alternative with even more features is TomTom Go 2535tm world traveler edition )

2.1 TomTom GO LIVE 2535MFeatures:
5 inch Touch screen – Bluetooth Connection – HD Live Traffic – Lifetime Maps – Voice Recognition – Map Sharing – Best Route Selection – Advanced Lane Assist – Points of Interest – Roadside Assist – IQ Routes

By far the best one in the 2535 series is TomTom Go Live 2535M with a number of HD Live services that are designed to certainly make the going easy from one point to another. If you are someone who needs to fight out the traffic on a daily basis, this is the one product that will provide instant relief. With detailed and dedicated maps along with Free Lifetime Traffic Updates, you are sure to move around faster and within the shortest span of time possible. TomTom has introduced the Select your route option where you are provided existing ground realities in a rather dynamic manner so that changes occurring on a periodic basis are taken care of.


  • Great Traffic Navigation With Live Services

Traffic navigation has been the biggest challenge in most urban areas and TomTom Go Live 2535M has been designed with that in focus. TomTom HD traffic facility had already bagged a number of awards and has provided an exponential rise in customer base. Traffic details are up to date and minute changes are also taken into account. A number of resources such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and Expedia are constantly there to provide guidance so that users can make the best travelling decisions. Moreover, you always have Free Lifetime Traffic Updates from TomTom.

  • Detailed Maps + Free Map Updates

IQ Routes and Map Share Technology have ensured that all changes occurring in existing routes are registered on the map. This implies that you are always in control of taking the best route for the journey. US, Canada and Mexico maps have been covered as default. Free Map Updates has also been provided.

  • Great Product Design

If you are someone who likes sleeks and smart gps navigators, TomTom Go Live 2535M would fit in the expectations. A lovely design that attracts instant attention along with the magnetic click and lock feature for attaching the device to your vehicle, the gps device is sure to provide a pleasing picture on the dashboard.

  • Attractive 5 inch Touch screen

The 5 inch touch screen provides intelligent display of information that not only is useful but also good to look at. The screen has a great classy look embedded in its construction. It has been well crafted for HD and Live services that are provided by TomTom.

  • Instant Voice Recognition

For comfortable and hassle free driving you have the Voice Recognition feature that allows drivers to focus on the road ahead. The device understands different variations of the phrase used for locating a particular address and hence you can easily speak and drive.

  • Hands free Calling Via Bluetooth Technology

Use Bluetooth to connect the device to your phone and make calls on the go. It can be used to receive incoming calls, make calls and simply conduct hands free talking while you are driving the car.

  • Advanced Lane Guidance

You are sure to take the correct turn with the help of advanced lane guidance. Instructions are provided way before the actual locations so that driving becomes easy and the vehicle stays on the correct path.

  • Local Information and Roadside Assistance

TomTom Go Live 2535M can really act as your guide in unknown routes. Points of interests are fed into the device from over 1 million mile of roads in the North American region so that you are always near to the service required while travelling. Moreover, you can contact TomTom’s Roadside Assistance service that will provide immediate help from an expert.

What You Get :

  • TomTom Go Live 2535M Gps Navigator
  • US – Canada – Mexico maps have been preloaded
  • A car charger
  • Traffic receiver is embedded inside the car chareger
  • Manual and documents
  • Car Mount – Click and Lock based
  • Adhesive Disk

What’s Not Good?

The only thing that one can say is that price tag is a little bit high compared to counterparts. But then there are loads of advanced HD and Live Features that you are getting along with the product.


This is an investment in the real sense. TomTom Go Live 2535M Gps will not only serve as a guide but a really handy partner that saves time in difficult traffic conditions. If you are looking for the best navigation device within a reasonable price tag, this is surely one of them.

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