TomTom GO 930 Review – Portable GPS Navigator With Bluetooth 4.3 Inch Wide Touch Screen


  • 4.3 inch Touch Screen
  • 4 GB internal memory + Additional SD card slot
  • Voice based navigation
  • Map guarantee from TomTom
  • Advanced Lane Guidance + IQ Routes
  • Preloaded Maps – US, Europe, Canada, Mexico,
  • Bluetooth connection for Hands Free calling
  • Traffic data display plans
  • Emergency services – Help me Button
  • Audio output facility + remote control options
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If keeping a dashboard mounted vehicle gps unit is not your cup of tea, portable GPS units are great alternatives. While many opt for these keeping in view the option of enhanced security that comes along, there are tons of features which make portable GPS navigators really worthwhile all the time. TomTom Go 930 has already created a credible impression in this segment.

No doubt, there are flaws and weaknesses in some areas but keeping in view the overall perspectives, benefits outweigh the flaws.

What you will appreciate :

  • GO 930 has a great text to speech conversion.
  • Lane Assist is splendid for unknown areas and 3D renderings of complex road intersections make it really easy for the driver to comprehend the route.
  • IQ Routes delivers highly optimized travel options based upon several essential parameters
  • Bluetooth connection provides substantial ease and comfort with hands free calling
  • Wide screen implies that usage is easy for all.
  • Stylish and elegant design – looks like a Smartphone
  • You get the latest maps – guaranteed
  • Emergency button – Immediate access to police, fire stations etc
  • The device has a FM transmitter
  • Get traffic updates from two sources – TomTom or RDS-TMC
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Some problematic issues:

  • Voice navigation may cause problems. Inputting text using the screen seems the better alternative
  • Advanced Lane Assist may not help in all areas.

Overall Design – Go 930

An all black chassis is what you will surely find interesting in TomTom Go 930. Gone is the widely used silver casing and of course, from the point of offering something different, this is certainly a good one. After all, you don’t want the same styles all over. One has to appreciate the sleek looks that are tailor made to augment the interiors in any car so that navigation comes along with style.

  • Width – 4.7 inches
  • Length – 3.3 inches
  • Thickness – 1 inch
  • Weight – 7.7 ounces


Ease of use

Both the interface and software have been designed in such a manner that people from all age groups can easily operate the device. One thing that surely demands improvement is the Change Preferences Menu. You may have to move across several options in a layered format to make use of the actual required function. (Left handed users have a separate option which is cool!)

A new aspect in TomTom Go 930 has been the emergence of new icons and something called as Alpha Blending technology which, as per the manufacturers, provides great clarity in graphics. However, if you are expecting something to the tune of HD viewing, that is not to be found. But surely, the screen presents information in clear and cohesive manner.

Functions on the bottom side –> USB port cum power connection port – Expansion slot for SD card – Port for Audio out – RDS TMC jack(getting traffic information)- Reset button

What you have with the device:

  • Remote control – Bluetooth
  • Vehicles mount (Only for windshield)
  • Car charger
  • Cradle for desktop
  • Reference material
  • 4 GB internal flash memory (SD slot available)
  • US, Canada, Europe maps are preloaded
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With more advanced features and a sleek design, Go 930 presents itself as a great option in the portable GPS navigation devices segment. TomTom has always focussed on the quality of navigation data and once again you will find that more than the presentation, the emphasis is on the amount and nature of data being accumulated by the device.