TomTom GO 50 Review-5 Inch Touchscreen Portable Vehicle GPS-Free Lifetime Maps


The new TomTom GO 50 is an excellent option in the low cost navigator segment for  Portable Vehicle GPS unit. The device brings some amazing features like free trial of TomTom Traffic via smart phone, lifetime maps, advanced lane guidance.

The unit is similar to TomTom GO 40 and GO 60 model. It has been redesigned for better efficiency.

It is light weight and easy to use and easy to attach and detach and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery.


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TomTom Go 50 Specs – About the Display

The GO 50 unit has a wide 5 inch  touch screen display (480*272 pixels resolutions). Screen clarity is good and allows easy operation. The width is adequate to fit in the menus and functions. However, the GPS performance is sometimes unable to match up with the pace with which we input the data on the screen.

Good one – Lifetime US map updates

Lifetime US map updates implies that you will always have the latest maps on the unit. New routes and other  changes are less likely to have an impact on the quality of navigation.

Use the My Drive application to update the maps. 4 complete downloads are available for each year. This will also update the Points of Interests. The map share community provides additional help in the form of  knowledge about current map changes.

Faster alternate routes 

If there is a faster alternate route to the destination you will have the information beforehand. Users may manually avoid certain parts of the route. In case you drive in a different route knowingly or by mistake, the navigator recalculates the route fairly quickly.

Tom Tom Traffic – Free trial

Tom Tom traffic is an excellent source of real time traffic information. The information comes from the largest pool of crowd sourced data (more than 350 million drivers).

It covers almost the entire road network including highways, major roads, secondary and residential roads.

The GO 50 unit offers a free trial of TomTom Traffic for three months. To use the feature you need to connect the GPS unit with your  smart phone through the My Drive mobile application.  As soon as the trial offer will end you can renew the subscription by purchasing it. ( check whether mobile is compatible with the unit beforehand)


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Quick Search options Tap and Go

Find the new route quickly using the tap and go feature. This feature saves time and routes for the destination appear almost instantly. in fact, as soon as you start typing the name, it will show you the search results.

In case you want to save even more on time, save the favorite spots on the My Place section on the menu.


Route Bar

Route Bar provides necessary information related to traffic. You can get information regarding the road ahead as well as the estimated arrival time, distance to the destination, traffic jams, speed cameras etc. Apart from this information you can also get the time to destination, nearby gas stations as well as parking places.

Clear and Audible

Navigational instructions are loud and clear. The unit gives directions using street names thereby making the process simpler.

You can also find the vacant parking place with help of Tom Tom GO 50.

Easy to detach

The mount can be easily folded and the device can be kept in your bag or anywhere. You can fix it inside your car and take it out from the car without any difficulty. A positive thing is that the mount can be slid out and angled so that it can be viewed from bottom.

My Drive

Install the My Drive application in your desktop or smart phone to update the maps and software of TomTom GO 50. You can connect your navigational device to your desktop or smart phone through the USB cable provided and regularly update features for better performance. Make sure that you are using the USB cable provided in the box.


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Other features


Other than traffic information, it also provides weather report while calculating a route. For example, in case of any serious weather condition you will receive alerts for changing the route. You will be able to view the poor weather zone on the traffic map.

Previously, there was no feature to alert you about the blocked roads. The software update has enabled Tom Tom GO 50 with this feature. The menu page shows simple ribbon icons where you can swipe left or right to view the options.

It is now easy to find an address, as the points of interest and the addresses have been unified. Simply enter the street name and you will have the relevant information.

With the help of connection with your smart phone, you can look for places of interest. Though it is not that effective as Google search but is quite informative. You can also avail the hands free verbal operation for your safety while holding the steering.

The maps are now clearer due to subtle background and the Tom Tom GO 50 uses the full screen junction graphics and 3D buildings in cities for a real time effect like the other finest GO navigational devices.

Tom Tom GO 50 is user friendly and is durable. Its price is worth its function and ability. It has got a disadvantage of availing the live services by connecting through your smart phone. You will need your smart phone with personal hotspot to avail the live services like traffic information or map updates. Overall a good choice with the current price tag and the backing of TomTom.


Introductory video of TomTom Go 50



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The nice little price tag is a great advantage in this case. TomTom Go 50S does have some screen issues though. Additionally, you might find the Bluetooth pairing not so strong. But as far as navigation and traffic alerts are concerned you will love the accuracy. If you are in this range it is a good budget choice.

Want to use the Free trafffic system? Download TomTom Mydrive app and pair the GPS unit with your smartphone. A little work to start with but the end result will leave you satisfied.