TomTom GO 2435TM Review – 4.3 Inch Screen GPS Navigator –Free Traffic & Maps – Bluetooth & Voice Recognition


  • 4.3 inch Touch Screen (Resolution 480X272 pixels)
  • Free Traffic and Map Updates – Bluetooth (Hands Free Calling)
  • Voice Recognition – Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Points of Interests – IQ Routes –
  • TomTom Roadside Assistance –
  • Click & Lock mount – USB connection


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In the 4.3 inch screen segment for gps navigation devices, TomTom GO 2435TM has carved out a place for itself. With all modern day navigation features coupled with award winning technologies from TomTom, what you have is a robust and consistent bird’s eye view of the whole journey from start to finish. Compared to the 5inch section of TomTom, the 4.3 inch screen size navigators are priced considerably lower and all other features such as Free Traffic and Map updates remain the same.

Lets us dive deep into the main features associated with Go 2435TM and find out more about its tremendous usage value.

1. Excellent Navigation With Free Map Updates + Free Traffic Updates

Map updates and traffic information is the backbone of any gps navigator. Both these features are provided free in 2435tm. This implies that you are actually saving in the long run. TomTom has one of the best traffic updates system in the navigation industry and you can be surely of avoiding congested areas at all times. Updates come in almost 2 minute intervals providing comprehensive traffic coverage.

2. Being Part of the Map Sharing Community

In some areas road conditions may change abruptly. Map sharing feature is one of the most trusted ways to avoid troubles on road. Here you are banking on the real experience of other users and in case you have something to offer, share it in the community. It is like helping each other so as to navigate via the best route from the start to the end.

3. Find the best way through IQ Routes

There are several ways to reach from point A to point B. The best one for you will depend on the kind of parameters that are important in your case. For example a particular way may be short but may be prone to traffic jams or some other option may have large fuel consumption. Based on the conditions, IQ routes suggests the best possible route for your case. It is like having constant guide that knows all the way around.

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4. Advanced Lane Assist – For keeping the right side of the road

Travel with ease through unknown areas and keep on the right side of the road using advanced lane assist feature. Guidance comes way before actual turns and decision making junctures. A handy feature when you are travelling in unknown highways or other congested areas.


If you are extremely particular about navigation, the above mentioned facilities, namely,

[ Free Map   +   Free Traffic  +  Map Sharing  +  IQ Route  +  Lane Assist   ]

create a highly effective package for successful and safe navigation at all times. Rest other things about tomtom go 2435tm are more concerned with ease of use. But for high tech navigation, this combination is more than enough to combat all your traffic and travel worries.

5. Touchscreen 4.3 inches – Capacitive screen

No doubt, the touchscreen provided in 2435tm has a great deal of clarity and information is displayed very sharply. The screen resolution is 480  272 pixels which is a great parameter. Options are easy to execute and menu based system allows easy access of all the systems.

On the back side of the device you have a click and lock mounting system for attaching the device to the dashboard. Magnetic docking system makes it really easy to place and remove the device inside the vehicle.

6. Ease & Comfort Through – Bluetooth + Hands Free Calling + Voice Recognition

These are three comfort features that have been instrumental in ensuring that tomtom go 2435tm provides ease of handling at all times. Bluetooth enables hands free calling that allows you to focus on the road ahead by connection your mobile phone with the gps device.

Voice recognition has been developed so as to recognize even the variations in different commands so that the same function can be easily executed through different yet similar voice commands.

7. Preinstalled Points of interests – All the information you need

With detailed points of interests being already uploaded on the device, you are always going to have complete data about essential services such as gas stations, repair works, hotels, bars etc. Continuous updates are also provided.

8. Reliable Road-side Assistance from TomTom

Sometimes you may require the help of specialists while travelling from one point to another. This is where you can easily have their services via TomTom Roadside Assistance feature. Also great when there are emergencies and you require immediate help on certain issues.


What you get on ordering the product?

  • Gps navigator TomTom GO 2435 TM
  • US-Canada-Mexico maps are already installed
  • User manual
  • Car charger
  • Traffic receiver is placed inside the car charger
  • Mounting system – Click & Lock based
  • Cable for USB connection
  • Adhesive Disk


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 What is missing?

You are not having HD or Live services that have gained considerable popularity over the past few years. Live service combined a number of travel related apps for providing more insights into a particular journey. However, for navigation purpose and modern features tomtom go 2435tm is a great option.

Keep In Mind :

This one is a  4.3 inches Touchscreen. All features are displayed in a great manner but nowadays most of the users are opting for 5 inch Touchscreen gps devices since the display is bigger and compared to smaller screens, handling will surely become easier.

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