Magellan RoadMate 9465T-LMB 7-Inch GPS Navigator Review – Why You Need A Big Screen Navigator

magellan roadmate9465t-lmb review

Important features of the product:

  • Large 7-Inch Touch Screen Display
  • Dimension of the device- 7.6 x 4.7 x 0.59 inch
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic Alerts
  • Hands-free calling facility via Bluetooth
  • Traffic Camera Alerts
  • Junction View facility
  • Speed Limit Warnings
  • OneTouch Favorite Menu
  • Spoken Street Name Guidance
  • Best Parking search option
  • QuickSpell
  • 7 Million Points of Interest
  • Highway Exit POIs
  • Multi –destination Routing
  • Preloaded Maps
  • Address Book
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Automatic Re-route
  • Customizable Route Method
  • Auto Night View

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There was a time when GPS navigators were only used to find the way to your destination. But today, when we talk about a GPS navigator, we expect it to provide additional benefits besides the best route.  Magellan RoadMate 9465T-LMB does that job quite well on most fronts. With a wide 7 inch screen and bright resolution, RoadMate 9465T-LMB is best suited for cars, trucks, RVs and other heavy vehicles.

Design and use:

magellan roadmate9465t-lmb backside

The device resembles a lot like that new age tablet with 480×800 screen resolution. The maps look vibrant and distinct on the large screen but the visuals are not top notch due to pixel density. However, the big screen allows easy viewing and also adjusts its contrast depending upon the surrounding light.

The Auto Night View helps in getting a clear view of maps automatically.  The GPS  works by simple touch on the icons on its interface. You may save your preferred most-frequented destination or access the address book with the help of the icons on the screen.

For me, the best feature of the Magellan RoadMate 9465T-LMB is its in-built Bluetooth. You can pair the device with any Smartphone or mobile that has an in-built Bluetooth and the device functions as a hands-free speaker phone. It allows you to attend important calls during the drive.

However, the speaker performance is only on the satisfactory level but on most occasions it performs decently. The voice output in the Spoken Street name guidance is very robotic and often difficult to understand.


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Basic Navigation features:


magellan roadmate9465t-lmb review navigation

Like the other 7-inch units 9465T is highly usable for beginners. With 3D map view and Free Lifetime Map Update (up to 4 updates in one year), the device provides accurate navigation. The accuracy does fluctuate a bit but it does provide a decent performance. And if you sum up all the features it is a great deal at such an affordable price.

Another useful feature is the Traffic Alerts which notifies you of the real-time traffic condition of the route to your destination. It also provides alternative route suggestions if there is a traffic jam on the way to your destination.

For the ones who are new to the town, it is really difficult to understand directions with respect to streets. Usually, it takes us a little time to know the street names. To make things easy, RoadMate 9465T-LMB offers Landmark Navigation. This gives you directions with respect to landmarks that you can see around you. So, you do not have to worry about keeping an eye on the screen to take the right turn. Just listen to the voice navigation and locate the landmark to reach your destination.

The GPS provides a warning signal if you cross the speed limit. This means you can avoid costly tickets. It also tells you if there is a nearby traffic camera or red light. The Junction View gives realistic images of freeways and arrow that guide you to the proper lane to avoid confusion while trying to merge into the lane.

The navigation experience on the large screen is a soothing experience and you are someone new to driving long distances, this would be of immense help.


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Additional benefits:


magellan roadmate9465t-lmb review navigation 2The OneTouch Favorites Menu is a great way to personalize your travel experience. Create icons of your favorite or most frequented places and click on them to see how far your favorite destinations are from your current location within any city.

The QuickSpell with SmartCity Search is a great feature both in terms of saving time and being sure of the street names. It narrows down the search option while you enter the first few letters of letters of your destination. The Address Book helps you save your points of interest so that you may skip repeated entry.

Besides taking you to your destination, RoadMate 9465T-LMB plans your route efficiently when you have to stop at multiple locations on your way.  You may either enter the locations manually or let the device select the most efficient route.

It has an Automatic Re-route feature that helps you get back on track when you miss a turn. Another useful feature of this device is the Customizable Route Method that lets you choose whether you want the route with the shortest distance or the fastest travel time.

Once you reach your destination you get help with easy parking. It provides information like entrance address and hour of operation of the nearby parking garages so that you spend less time trying to figure out how to enter the parking area.


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  • Hands-free Bluetooth calling
  • 7-inch screen
  • High Sensitivity GPS
  • Convenience features like Best Parking, OneTouch Favorite Menu, QuickSpell
  • Spoken Street Name Guidance


  • 30 minutes Battery Life
  • Robotic audio output with poor speaker sound quality
  • Glare and reflection at daytime


Magellan RoadMate 9465T-LMB is a perfect portable GPS navigation device for big and small vehicles alike. The pricing along with available features make it a highly competitive product in this segment.