Magellan RoadMate 9270T-LM Review – Commercial Truck GPS Navigator – 7 Inch Screen

You can check out the newer model  Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Naviagtor for this trucking GPS.

Magellan-RoadMate 9270 T-LM review

Important Features:

  • Large 7 inch high definition touch screen display
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • Free lifetime traffic updates
  • Compatible with Bluetooth phone -connect with Smartphone
  • Customizable Truck Routes provides trucking specific route
  • Audio/Video Input for backup Cameras
  •  Multi Destination Routing for trips with more than one stop
  • Export all logs for tracking and reporting
  • Correct lane guidance via Highway Lane assist
  • Auto night View automatically adjusts color contrast for night
  • Automatic Reroute puts you back on the correct route
  • Box contains USB cable, vehicle power adaptor,AC adaptor 

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This Magellan Road Mate 9270T-LM review will talk about the various features of this GPS which a re helpful for commercial truck drivers. To begin with there are lifetime map updates along with live traffic updates. The large display is easy to use and read. For getting the best route for the vehicle simply enter the vehicle dimensions, load types and destinations. It also maintains information for multiple drivers.

Road Mate 9270T-LM follows common truck routes and makes adjustments for large trucks. Upcoming turns are highlighted well in advance from about a two mile distance. If a turn or exit is purposefully or accidentally missed, automatic rerouting takes place.

The big 7 inch high definition touch screen

The screen stands at a size  7inch (800x480pixels). This is ideal for commercial truckers. The navigator provides various inputs in order to save fuel. This is crucial in case of heavy duty trucks and saves a lot in the long run.

The screen comes with adjustable brightness and contrast for day and night viewing. The box comes with a suction cup mount for securing the device in its place.

Magellan-RoadMate 9270 T-LM review- whats in the box

Bluetooth phone compatibility

Hands-free talking option requires connection with a Bluetooth compatible phone. Turn on the settings for both the devices and pair them instantly.

Free lifetime traffic updates

Route planning is more precise and time saving because of free lifetime traffic updates. Traffic congestion is known well in advance and hence you can choose alternate routes to save time and fuel. Free lifetime maps are also available for download ( 4 times in a year).

Useful information right on the dashboard

9270T-LM gives you speed limit warnings with a bright red sign to avoid costly traffic violation tickets.

Multi destination routing

It is easy to o plan a trip with multiple stops. You can allow the GPS to decide the best route for the journey with multiple stops. You have the option to set up via points or bypass certain destinations.

Service and driving status

There are separate login options for different drivers and the data log for their trips are saved separately. You can export log to the PC or laptop.

Highway Lane assist

The realistic highway signs and voice guidance offer high quality navigation, especially in areas of complex interchanges. There is a huge data pertaining to Points of Interests. Options such as gas stations, ATM s, coffee shops, restaurants are easy to find.

Save time with the One Touch feature

Create your favorite menu list and store the places and locations. Once the list is created, you only have to touch the customized icon and the route appears almost instantaneously.

You can create the lists for different cities and plan the routes accordingly.

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More information at a glance

It has 2GB internal flash memory as well as a micro SD card slot too. Trucking navigation data is available for 48 states of USA, Canada.  There is also the Voice Navigation feature which calls out the name of streets. The system has a good input database and on most occasions you will find that typing the first few characters of the location will bring out complete address.

The Smart Detour function saves time in case you are suddenly caught in traffic. There is an automatic rerouting option which displays the new route. The GPS has provision for backup cameras along with audio and video input.

This Magellan RoadMate 9270T-LM review should not focus only the positives but also highlight some of the challenges that one might face with the unit. Sometimes the unit is slow to react but in general works well in most areas. The price tag might worry some users but considering the features that are necessary for commercial trucking, you can safely say that it is a good product in this price range.