Magellan RoadMate 9600LM Review -7 Inch GPS Navigator With Traffic Camera Alerts


Magellan RoadMate 9600LM Review -7 Inch GPS NavigatorImportant Features:

  • Extra large 7 inch vibrant touch screen display
  • Phantom Alert provides Traffic Camera
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • Download latest maps for the life of Magellan Road mate
  • Landmark Guidance guides via real on road landmarks
  • You can plan a trip with multiple stops using Multi Destination Routing
  • Red light and speed camera alerts
  • User can choose personal preference i.e. Landscape or Portrait
  • 3D buildings, Junction view are two important features
  • It includes windshield suction cup mount,USB cable and 12V DC power adaptor
  • New interesting feature – One touch”


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Undoubtedly, the most striking feature for Magellan Road Mate 9600LM is the large 7 inch screen that creates a powerful display. Traffic Camera Alerts, 3D buildings and landmarks and Multi destination routing are three most important features. If you are looking for a vehicle GPS unit with a large screen RoadMate 9600LM provides good navigational features with an attractive price tag.

7-inch Vibrant Large Touch Screen

Magellan GPS Navigator has a wide, extra large 7 inch vibrant touch screen. The high resolution touch screen provides a safe and legal hand free navigation. User can view the whole update at a glance. It has also a facility of day and night vision and also portrait and landscape mode. There is a suction cup mount which keeps it firmly in a place. It is a colored touch screen.

Traffic camera Alerts

“Phantom Alert” is a new feature installed. It gives the traffic camera alerts. User can now avoid traffic tickets which are really costly. Driver can receive audible and visual warnings of fixed red lights and speed cameras along the route. The speed limit alerts help to manage the speed by giving notifications when to drive above the speed limit. User won’t miss any known speed cameras or red light. This is a free one year subscription which uses verified crowd sources data. There are also optional settings. User may also consider for a premium service which also shows the location of school zone or accident prone areas. You can also get speed warnings without subscription.


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Free lifetime map updates

No need to worry about out of date maps. One can download the latest map information, up to four times a year for this device. Premium maps of United States, Canada. Many POI (points of interests), navigation information are available for download.

3D buildings and Landmarks

Getting a realistic view of the surroundings ensures that you never miss the correct lanes in highways. The 3D display of upcoming landmarks provides a realistic view which helps in taking the right navigational decision.

The Junction view feature gives you a great idea of complex intersections to avoid any confusion in driving through the correct route.

Landmark guidance feature provides spoken instructions that use real landmarks as reference points. For example, “Turn right from the next gas station” and so on. Visible landmarks are always better reference points.


Multi destination routing

This device gives the facility of multi destination routing. You can plan a trip with multiple stops or let the navigator select the most efficient route. There are a couple of ways anyone can handle this. With multi dimensional routing you can setup via points along the bypass around any destination. The results can be altered too if you prefer a route with the shortest distance or fastest arrival time.


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Driver Alerts

The Road mate 9600LM includes new Driver alerts designed to promote safe driving habits. This feature includes Safe driving mode, Driving break reminder and headlight warnings. The Safe driving mode locks the screen so that the driver’s attention remains on the road. Once a timer is selected it delivers an alert notifying the driver when to take a break.

Headlight warning notify when the light levels are low and it is time to turn on the headlights. Driver alert generates audible and visual warnings for driving hazards like drive fatigue, headlight reminders and more.

User can choose personal preference

Magellan Road mate 9600-LM lets owners personalize their GPS experience. Driver can choose a personal preference between landscape mode and portrait mode. Landscape mode provides an improved peripheral view. Portrait mode provides an extended view of the road ahead.


One touch-A new feature is added

It is the latest feature from Magellan. You can create a personalized menu list of your favorite icons such as the places or POIs that are often included in your journeys.

More information at a glance

This device has a 12dc power adaptor and USB cable. Here is a feature called Quick Spell® narrows address and city searches as user types. The Points of Interests database has more than 6 million entries.

And Finally

Magellan RoadMate 9600LM is a large GPS navigator with a great set of navigation features. While it lacks some of the extra features like Bluetooth and Voice navigation which are increasingly common in today’s GPS devices, the navigational facility at this price is a big plus point.


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Do you need free map updates? You will get the data for a period of 3 years. The starting point would be the date of manufacture. Updates are available on Magellan’s website and you can download them to the unit. Updates are available during the useful life of the device. Useful life refers to the period during which the device has all the technical capabilities that are necessary to install the updates. This period is generally 3 years in this industry. Of course, most users change the units within a span of 2 years as new features are continuously added. You can expect at least 3 updates in one year.

Magellan has managed to stay in competition in the market dominated by Garmin and TomTom. The company continues to innovate and brings good units within budget. This is one of the biggest reasons that they continue to enjoy a loyal user base. You can easily have a decent unit in the $100 range. Even the high end units are cheaper compared to other brands.