Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Review – 7 Inch HD Screen Trucking GPS Navigator

Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Review

Important features of the product


  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 9.4 x 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 06 lbs
  • Battery Life: 30 minutes
  • Screen Size: 7 inches

Other Specs:

  • Free Lifetime Map Updates
  • Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts
  • Real-time, detailed graphic weather update
  • Custom location-based reminders
  • Geo Reminders
  • Customizable Truck Routes
  • 7 Million Points of Interest
  • Junction View
  • Smart Detour
  • Automatic re-route
  • Lowest Fuel Price information update
  • On-board Itinerary Planner
  • Highway Lane Assist and Exit POIs
  • Street names verbalized

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Detailed Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Review with Specifications


In this tech-dependent era, drivers have placed their entire trust on navigation devices. While earlier, it used to be just a device to direct you to your destination, the navigation devices of today have been equipped with multi-functional features.

Furthermore, navigators have been categorized depending on the user to help the drivers choose the best from the lot. Truck navigators are one such type of navigation devices which are specially designed to fit the needs of truck drivers.

In case of truck navigation, it is important to keep in mind the vast extent of area driven and the long driving hours. So, it becomes important to equip truck navigators with features that provide massive support to the drivers, helping them to keep their focus on driving.

From providing real-time weather updates and traffic alerts to providing location-based reminders, Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator has been devised with coming of age technology to provide 360 degree truck navigation solutions.

Competitive in price and fully stacked with features, the new Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator is a revolution in the world of truck navigation. The unit is easy to use with improved touch and 7-inch screen size.

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Design and Compatibility

The RC9485SGLUC GPS is a compact device with 7” glass capacitive touch panel. The screen provides enhanced clarity and is more touch sensitive than the other products in the same range allowing seamless sliding from one option to another and one window to the other. It also features automatic and adjustable day and night viewing.

The device is compatible with Android phones, smartphones or other mobile devices and Wi-Fi. With an integrated Bluetooth technology, a microphone and a speaker, the unit allows the driver to easily communicate with the device while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Keeping in mind the huge size of some truck cabs, the creators have equipped the device with loud volume speakers. The device comes with a Heavy grip windshield mount with adjustable swivel ball and suction pad.


Navigation features:


1. Customizable Truck Routes:

Navigation is not only bound to finding the way to your destination anymore with the Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator. With customizable truck routes, you can find the safest and the quickest route depending on the dimensions of your truck and also your own preferences. All you need to do is enter the truck dimensions and then forget the hassles of getting stuck in height restrictions and unpaved roads.

2. Real-time Fuel Price and Weather Updates:

Among the host of essential features that ensure a safe and faster drive, the Real-time Fuel Price and Weather Updates is one that tops the list. The real-time update fuel price that is fed directly into the device makes finding the nearest and the lowest price gas stations easier along the route. The graphic display of weather updates keeps you aware of whether the drive will be pleasant one or not. You can make an early start if weather maps show severe weather conditions to avoid getting late.

3. Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts and Map Updates:

With the Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator mount on your dashboard, you can worrying about getting caught in traffic jams. The updates ensure drivers always have the latest mapping information and not outdated maps. It also provides the best available routing and warnings for reported traffic events including alternate route suggestions.

4. Smart Detour and Automatic Re-route:

The smart detour and automatic re-route features are particularly a great help for new drivers. Despite the traffic alerts that the Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator provides, you may, unfortunately, end up being stuck in traffic due to unforeseen reasons. In such unpredictable situations, the Smart Detour feature comes to the rescue. It promptly displays the options available for the detour and re-plans the route to avoid the traffic. A similar feature is the Automatic Re-route which re-plans the route if you miss a turn. The Automatic Re-route is a truck compatible feature as truck drivers mostly drive on new routes every time.

5. Highway Lane Assist and Junction View:

The Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator provides assistance while driving on the highway. The Highway Lane Assist helps you navigate with ease while driving through complex highway interchanges. This helps drivers to be on the correct roadway. The Junction View also plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe highway drive. This feature provides realistic images of the roads and the highway signs that help the drivers stay on the correct lane for safe merging and exiting.

6. Spoken Street Names and loud speakers:

Making the interaction with your navigation device should be easy and effortless. The Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator calls out the street names on loud speakers to help driver keep their focus on driving alone.

7. Geo Reminders:

Be notified of your preferred truck stops on the routes. The location based reminders help you remember all the tasks that you have put in your to-do list.

8. Landmark Guidance:

In case you are new to the city, it becomes easier when you get the navigation instructions with respect to noticeable landmarks instead of street names. For instance, “Take a left turn at the Big Mart Store” is much easier to follow when all the street names are absolutely new to you.

9. QuickSpell:

If you drive your truck on new routes every day, the QuickSpell is a blessing. Even if you put wrong spelling of your destination address,RC9485SGLUC ’s QuickSpell feature auto-corrects it enabling you to reach the right destination without any problem.

10.  7 Million Points of Interest:

The device stores your favorite stops like rest areas, restaurants, coffee shops, ATM and much more. So find your regular spots on the route and take a break from the drive.

11. Bird’s-eye View:

This feature offers a clear view of your surrounding either in 2D or in 3D.

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An overview:

The user friendly aspect of Magellan RC9485SGLUC GPS Navigator is definitely a plus point when compared to other products at the same price range.

The 7” screen and loud speakers ensure a smooth audio and visual experience for truck drivers. The internal memory of 4GB ensures good storage capacity. It is loaded with essential navigation features as well as safety features. Professional truck drivers will certainly feel the sense of ease when viewing the different navigational features.