Magellan Maestro 4040 Review – 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

Magellan Maestro 4040 review

The re-engineered Magellan Maestro 4040 comes with an elegant design and is user friendly. It is light in weight and can be transferred to any car easily. It has in-built AAA travel information. This travel companion also has some other features like:

  • Member roadside assistance
  • Bluetooth hands free calling
  • Turn by turn voice guidance in any distance in USA and Canada
  • Customized navigation route method
  • 3 inch WQVGA full color, anti glare touch screen

The Maestro box comes with GPS system, windshield mount and cradle, adhesive dash mount disk, cigarette lighter power adapter of 12-24 watts, AC wall power supply charger, quick reference guide, and reference manual CD and USB cable.

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AAA travel Information

The built in AAA travel information provides instant access to the trusted source for trip planning, AAA Tour Book listings, Show Your Card & Save locations for member discounts,  approved auto repair  facilities, attractions, events and more.

It also provides the AAA members road assistance details with exact location and toll free number. You can avail AAA member roadside assistance which needs AAA membership. You can easily connect Bluetooth enabled Maestro to AAA for help and assistance. But there is one difficulty which you might face. The AAA section is not linked to POI look up which could have been done by category.

Magellan Maestro 4040 pros and consEasy Navigation

You can enter any address on the screen and you will receive turn by turn route through voice guidance. There are around 4.5 million pre-programmed points of interest to select from. You can easily navigate to anywhere in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico etc. The in-built graphic integrated map will take you to your destination. It has the fastest GPS position accuracy system called SiRFstarlll. It has another feature called SayWhere which is a text to speech function and guides to the exact street. The QuickSpell feature in it helps you to have mistake free spellings of the destination for quick navigation. You can customize your navigational route through this device to your destination. In some areas the maps might show errors in it. And even after updating, it shows out of date map. Sometimes the map in it cannot find a zip code in some regions.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The GPS navigator is enabled with Bluetooth technology for hands free phone calls. In this device you can store, sync numbers and contact data via the touch screen. You can also make calls with the help of this Maestro 4040 microphone and speakers.  But it supports limited phones for the Bluetooth connection to work. So it is required to check the list of phones compatible with Maestro 4040.

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Traffic Updates

There is another additional feature called TraffcKit which keeps you informed about live traffic incident reports. You have to add this feature to the GPS device to avoid the traffic at the free way and travel smoothly. But to avail this feature, it has to be purchased separately.

Touch screen

The Maestro has a 4.3 inch touch screen with WQVGA. It has a full color and anti glare touch screen. The screen is stream lined so that you can locate the destination in minimal steps. It has got a sleek look and the design is very compact. Though there is an Auto Night View feature which adjusts the color on screen and helps to get an easy night view. But the night display could have been better as often it is quite difficult to see on screen when it is dark.

Voice Command

Voice command provides a hands free operation to the navigational experience. You can add voice command control and upgrade from Magellan. But to avail the services activation fee is applicable. Sometimes the speech and pronunciation seemed a bit problematic. The accent of some words is difficult to understand.

2D or 3D View

With the 3D view you can see the surrounding clearly in 3D or 2D view. You also have the option to select between Map View, TrueView, 3D Split Screen and Manuever List.

Smart Routing

The navigator can select up to 20 destinations and can order them as per requirement. It has a Smart Detour function which will automatically route you around slow traffic without any delay. It will never let you miss a turn when you make a detour and will put you back on track. It has customized route method function which fetches the fastest and shortest route by avoiding the toll roads. You can select your own route and avoid any freeway if you wish to.  But it sometimes troubles to get the route to locations which are comparatively new. And the system fails to update even after an update.

Points of InterestMagellan Maestro 4040 best features

There are around 4.5 million points of interest listed in the navigator. Places like gas stations, restaurants, ATMs can be found within a stroke on the screen. There is smart location with which you can look for places by their name, category and region. And if you crave for a cup of coffee on your way, there is also a coffee category to search for the store. The interactive POI icon will find you an instant route for the destination. In its address book you can create and save your exclusive and personal points of interest for regular trips to save time.

Instant Locate and other features

The instant locate function lets you show your location via one touch on the screen. It will provide you with fast roadside assistance or emergency services.  Apart from guiding you turn by turn, it also provides some useful information like speed, distance to your destination, gas price information, weather updates, red light and speed camera alert and the time to reach to your destination.

Areas for improvement

Though the feature rich Magellan Maestro 4040 works well most of the time. But there are some areas to improve for this GPS navigator. Firstly, the mount bracket which comes with the box is not that impressive and could have been of better quality. Even it would have been better if the power cord could have been plugged into the cradle. This would have helped to connect it when it is snapped. The zoom setting keeps on changing without any manual interference. This can be very distracting when you are driving and can be disturbing too. The software update for the maestro 4040 is also chargeable. The Maestro 4040 sometimes freezes up and is required to restart. The device becomes inactive during the drive. This is a major issue faced while driving. The customer service requires improvement as quick response to queries can provide more customer satisfaction.

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