Handheld GPS – Choosing A Good One

Considering the increased levels of interest shown by consumers towards handheld gps units, it is necessary to apply some contemplation before you actually buy one, since there are several companies offering both high end and low end versions. If you are someone in love with outdoor running, hiking or exploring new areas, a handheld gps navigator can be a valuable tool in making sure that you have fun and security of knowing the best way around.

The best part about handheld units is that they are sleek and easy to handle. Most companies realize the fact that handheld gps navigation devices have to be light and easy to deal with. This one factor outweighs several other features. If the gps unit is not easy to deal with in terms of portability factors, rest assured sales reports are going to come crashing down. Then come some value adding features like points of interests, Bluetooth connectivity and other ease of use related factors.

However it has been found that professional hikers and those in the field of outdoor sports still prefer old methods like maps and compass. This is because the rugged nature of sport may not allow the gps to remain in perfect working conditions. Also, it might take out the fun element in hiking and other activities. When all the routes are clearly displayed on the gps device, there is very little element of surprise and adrenaline rush seems to go down. Maps and compass are more in use since they are not easily damaged. But for other every outdoor activities, a handheld gps device is surely of great help.


When handheld gps unit becomes a necessity

If you are moving around in low visibility areas, a handheld gps device can avoid several untoward incidents such as getting lost or having a freak accident. And then there are special ones like marine gps units that explain various parameters in detail. Professional fishermen are regular users of marine gps units. And when you are looking to formulate detailed moving plans for some sort of outdoor event, it can be done with utmost precision using a handheld gps unit.



Going to buy a handheld GPS unit – How to get a good one?

  • If you have decided to buy handheld gps units, the final choice will depend on whether you need a Touchscreen or not.

Compared to conventional screens, typing can surely be done faster in Touchscreen ones. But then with Touchscreens you will have to bear some distractions. The screen might be difficult to view in bright sunlight, you may have to use bare hands for proper usage and the screen might not work well in extremely cold weather.


If you are someone who will have to enter a lot of text, go for Touchscreen gps unit. But if not, choose the conventional one.


  • Next is the issue of the environment, in which you will be using the gps unit. For regular city life there is not much contemplation required but in other defining outdoor situations you have to consider the kind of environment that will be there. If the area is under cover or in dense vegetation then large units will have to be used since there is the issue of reception. If there are several obstructions in the area for getting good reception or if you will be moving under cover, Garmin GPSMAP 62 & 64 series will make sure that all those challenges are taken care of by providing all the navigation details in trying circumstances.


  • In situations where the gps unit has to be used in the car, a Touchscreen is the most recommended option by experts. With all the twists and turns of the busy city life, a Touchscreen model will provide the right peace of mind while you are driving. Make sure that you have checked out the mounting facilities and power supply arrangements.


Any recommended brand?

Although there are several quality manufacturers for gps units, Garmin handheld gps navigators have found special relevance among all the users. Their products are accurate, equipped with the latest technological advancements, great software, mapping and other tools to support your navigation quests.