GPS Navigator TomTom VIA 1505TM Review – 5 inch Screen

Features In a Nutshell:

  • Free Lifetime Traffic And Map Updates+ Free Map Sharing (Daily Updates)
  • Advanced Lane Guidance + IQ Routes
  • Touch Screen Size – 5 inches ( 480 X 272 pixels)
  • Integrated Dashboard Mount
  • US, Canada, Mexico maps Preloaded
  • Over One Million mile of roads mapped in US alone
  • Roadside Assistance – (When you need expert help)


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TomTom has certainly emerged out as one of the most dependable companies as far as navigation facilities are concerned. If you are someone for whom navigation quality is the most important virtue compared to other features, TomTom gps units are the ones to go for. Looks and features of VIA 1505 TM have been intuitively designed and the device has a fantastic user interface, something that you would fall in love with. And then, you have the assurance from TomTom’s indigenous network of communication towers. Rest assured about your navigation challenges. Whether you are driving in a car or conducting some kind of professional driving task in trucks, 1505TM is your best guide around.


Your immediate savings – Lifetime Free Traffic and Map updates

For most gps devices, you’d have to shell out additional and recurring costs related to map and traffic subscriptions. Not on this one. Free lifetime traffic and map updates provide huge advantages for all customers. Detailed maps of US, Canada and Mexico are already loaded on to the device. A whopping 9 million miles of roads are covered in US alone. That explains the commitment towards detailed navigation.

City travelers will find traffic updates to be of great help when moving through congested areas in rush areas. Updates arrive quickly and you are always in dynamic navigation mode.

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Obtain Map Changes Though Free Map Share

Change is the way forward in life. But some changes are really troublesome. Like the ones that come on in road situations. When road situations change abruptly, use map share community for navigating around. Free daily updates from the community ensure that you choose the best way around.

Award winning IQ routes technology

Don’t know how to choose among multiple route options? IQ Routes feature provides comprehensive details about various routes from point A to B so that drivers can judge the best way. For example, if you are keen on saving fuel, the route option is going to be different compared to when you are looking for the fastest route.

Sleek design and easy port mount

Looking good is important and the sleek design of TomTom VIA 1505TM provides a Smartphone like feeling at all times. Not only is the design great, the integrated Easy Port mounting feature provides immediate and sturdy attachment with the dashboard. You also have a friction dashboard mount but integrated Easy Port option is better for easy docking and removal. This also implies that you don’t have to leave the gps navigator inside the car. Take it out when not in use and keep it safe.

Smart Phone type stylish 5 inch Touch Screen

VIA 1505TM has a resistive Touch Screen implying easy control while driving. Whether you are using fingers or gloves or other tips, the screen responds easily for all contacts. This is in stark contrast to capacitive screens that normally operate only on finger touch.

Imagine cold weather conditions and you are wearing the thickets of gloves. The VIA responds equally well to the touch of those thick gloves making it so easy to use the device while driving.

Screen resolution: 480 X 272 pixels

The large screen aids easy usage and displays maps as well as routes in a clear comprehensive manner.

Stay on the correct lane using advanced Lane Guidance

Driving around in unknown highways and roads is certainly made easier. Use the Lane Guidance system to obtain advanced information about the correct side the vehicle needs to be on the road for making the correct turns.

Millions of Points of Interests (POI s)

POIs are regular updated important feature of modern navigation units. In fact, this is one of the most important features after navigation quality. Imagine never searching again for gas stations, hotels, bars and other important places while driving around. Professional drivers really love this one and many consider this as the best feature in trucking gps units.

The Human Approach – TomTom Roadside Assistance

You have an Audi and need expert help for vehicle problem? No problem. TomTom Road Assist has been precisely designed for such kind of problems where you want to get in touch with experts almost immediately. It feels good to have some kind of manual guidance too, when travelling across unknown locations.

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What you get on ordering:

  • GPS Navigator TomTom VIA 1505TM
  • Complete Documents and User Manual
  • Mounting System is integrated ( You also get an Adhesive Disk)
  • Cable – (USB Connection)
  • Car Charger – Works with USB connection
  • Traffic Receiver is integrated with car charger
  • US – Canada – Mexico Maps Preloaded (Free Lifetime Traffic and Map Updates)



Missing Features:

  • HD & Live services from TomTom
  • Bluetooth connection and along with that hands free calling options
  • Voice Navigation System


Like mentioned earlier, VIA 1505TM is ideally suited when you are more concerned with navigation quality. While HD and Live features are always good to have, their absence will not hinder core navigation facilities. All in all, the price tag is good and if you are looking for comprehensive and affordable route guidance ( Free traffic and map updates), the device will fulfill expectations.