Garmin Zumo 660LM Review – GPS Motorcycle Navigator


Garmin Zumo 660LM ReviewWhether you are on a Harley Davidson or on a Honda ST, ready for a long getaway or out to explore the world as serious bikers, traversing continents and picking up newfound back roads, Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator seems to be your ideal partner, functioning almost delightfully as publicised.

The slender and shapely Zumo 660LM with a minimalistic design is good enough for a first impression. With a lot of new advantageous features, it joins its former relative Zumo 550LM as a preferred gadget for its configuration and sturdiness. Zumo 660LM operates best when rides are more challenging with complex trip plans, needing route calculations and changes.

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Sitting on handle bars, the unit is capable of beating the glaring sun,

withstanding heavy downpours and surviving hurricanes. Its big screen can be configured in a customised fashion and you can swap from one application to another uninterruptedly catering to your travel needs. Zumo has a faster satellite acquisition with a hypersensitive GPS receiver with HotFix. The best GPS for motorcycles according to many, Zumo 660LM can take you to your desired destination, even if you are lost.


With an in-built memory of 3.75GB, its MP3 storage can stock more than 1000 music files turning your ride tuneful whenever you want it to be. Compatible with Windows XP or Mac OS X10.4, the unit can easily be connected to your PC through USB cable. The automated suction cup mount has ingrained power cable with fixtures universal to almost all specific motorcycles.

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Salient Features:

1. High-resolution, glove-friendly touch screen display

Garmin Zumo 660LM motorcycle gpsThe 4.3 inches (10.92 cm) coloured touch screen WQVGA TFT display with white backlight has a resolution of 480×272 pixels. You can feed data effortlessly in its glove-friendly, highly perceptive network. The rugged waterproof cover (to IPX7¹) safeguards from fuel spills and UV rays and the unit can survive if you immerse it in 1m deep water for long 30mins.

Deciphering the display can be an issue if the sun is too glaring. As it lacks a sun-shade, you may have to shield the screen with your hand while riding, which can be alarming. At times even with 100{55367882368f12040a3bf00e48eaa7f54e445f537d6563ac6ed5139c2041842b} brightness, the screen appears to be dark and almost illegible and you may land up straining your eyes to fathom the information displayed.

2. Amplified location alertness

The unit has an in-built city navigator NT for U.S and Canada road maps highlighting significant landmarks Garmin Zumo 660LM gps for motorbikesincluding hospitals, police booths, fuel stations, hotels, restaurants and ATM counters.

With authentic photographs of approaching crossroads and 3-D illustrations of DEM maps showing buildings and terrain profiles at various zoom levels, Zumo 660LM’s lane assist guides you to the preferred path with a brightly coloured arrow.

The “Where Am I?” application denotes your geographical position with exact latitude and longitude intersection, coordinating you to the nearest landmark. Its POI loading programme signals you when schools and hospitals are in near vicinity. Even POI can be created and saved by you within the road map if any place is of significance to you.

While the unit’s Track Back option directs you back to where you had started from, it’s temporal wing automatically updates time zones as you travel down the road. Map updates can be downloaded for at least four times a year, absolutely free and voice recommendations are broadcasted at regular intervals to your wireless headset.

Listening to the turn by turn names of the pathways and with route notifications, you will have a better orientation about road information. But if you are planning to ride at a speed of 70mph, you may complain about slow updates of maps leaving you perplexed at times.

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3. Personalise and share your travel map

If you wish to travel your own way, you can customise your route charts and save up to 10 different travel maps directly to the unit, even before you begin the journey. Such advanced route sneak peak and trip logs can by its own organise pointers for you to minimise your travel distance. And again when you are back at home, the trip can be recorded along with its mileage, speed and time to let you analyse it in Google Earth, through Zumo’s dynamic tour planning mechanism.

Although sold exclusively, the micro SD card for alternative mapping and data storage will let you share your prescribed route with your biker buddies in Garmin Connect, an online community of routes and riders which is resourceful for planning new trips. Garmin Connect’s saved images will allow you to revisit your favourite locales once again.

4. Double-role as an in-car navigator

If your bike is parked for the day and you wish to change your mode of transport, your Zumo 660LM can continue to perform. It accomplishes a double role as an in-car navigator, with a carrying case, vehicle mount and power cable. Fit it to your car to enjoy a smooth drive. For those who think Zumo 660LM costs a pretty penny; rethink that you will actually own two navigators for the price of one.

5. Digital fuel gauge

The unit incorporates a fuel gauge indicating you when there is a need of fuel refill.

6. Speed checkers

The speed limit indicator warns you if speed control is necessary especially in highways and interstates.

7.Bluetooth technology

garmin zumo 660lm featuresThe advanced wireless, two-way technology for hands-free connectivity enables you to use cell phones safely while you are on the go, fixing it to the headset and pairing it with your phone. For your life on the roads, entertain yourself, having a stereo music stream with crisp and clear sound. The unit features an on-board MP3 player with advanced Bluetooth A2DP technology along with a compatible headset, headphone jack and microphone.

To many, the Bluetooth is commendably faster and one of the best but on rare occasions, the wireless service may turn weak especially when the battery is feeble, hampering a secured connection.

8.All-inclusive travel-kit

The built-in travel kit incorporates a gallery, audio books, world clock, currency conversion, calculator with a Garmin Lock having anti-theft features. Carry memories as you pick your path to hit the streets as Zumo will cater to your emotional needs even when you are far away from home.

9. Rechargeable battery

The battery pack of Zumo 660LM arrives with a rechargeable, removable lithium-ion battery and a carrying case as rugged as Zumo itself which can go about up to 5 hours based on the usage after a single charge.

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  • Product Dimension- 3.3 x 0.9 x 5.3 inches
  • Battery- 1 Lithium ion batteries included
  • Weight- 9.4 ounces
  • Warranty- One-year consumer limited warranty

One of the most distinguished and challenging pre-requisite for any motorcycle-specific device is to be able to endure rigorous usage for longer periods of time. Even though Zumo 660LM isn’t the “perfect” navigation device as it does not conform to all adventure-touring necessities, but still with enough and more enhancements and evolved technologies, it is a way ahead of its counterparts in the market. Although larger and heftier than less qualified units, Zumo 660LM along with its accessory market provides futuristic solutions to different unconventional problems in a market where motorcycle specific devices are limited. So get the most out of Zumo as the name would suggest and be ready to go wherever the road takes you to.