Garmin Zumo 390 LM Review – 4.3 Inch Motorcycle GPS Navigator

Garmin Zumo 390 LM featuresMost long range bikers are familiar with the Garmin Zumo navigators. The GPS fares well on most quality parameters that define a comfortable navigational experience. The new Garmin Zumo 390LM 4.3-Inch Motorcycle GPS Navigator brings in some unique as well as useful features for safe and smooth long biking trips.

In case you are looking to replace your existing navigator, Zumo 390LM is a good choice to ponder upon. The unit weighs about 2.1 pounds and the package comes with the following stuff; Pre-loaded city navigator, lifetime maps, Motorcycle mount with power cable and mounting hardware, an automotive suction cup mount, an automotive power cable, USB cable and a quick start manual.

Let us look into some of the high points of the product that would perhaps help you in making the right buying decision.

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Important features of Zumo 390LM

1. Wide High Clarity Display

 Garmin Zumo 390 LM motorcyle gps unit390LM presents a wide 6.5*6.5*4.3 inch touch screen. It allows easy accessibility to route data. You can use the touch feature while wearing the gloves. The screen is waterproof and has a water rating of IPX71. It is also resistant to fuel spills. It is easy to view the screen even in bright daylight.

The display resolution stands at 480*272 pixels with WQVGA TFT. A unique white back-light feature allows crisp sharp viewing at all times.


2. Map Updates

It is very important for navigators to have the latest maps. Garmin Zumo 390LM comes powered with lifetime map updates feature. Having updated maps without a fee saves a lot of money in the long run. North America maps are pre-loaded in  the unit. You can also add places of interest of your own choice. The life time map updates feature helps you track the most up to date places and points of interests.

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3. Good Battery Life

The unit has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery can last up to 5 hours which is significantly more than that of TomTom Rider motorcyle GPS. A good battery backup is of immense help during long rides

4. Bluetooth Connectivity          

zumo 390lm motorbike gps from garminGarmin Zumo 390LM offers easy connection with the head set via Bluetooth. Thus, spoken directions reach straight to your helmet. This feature brings in hands free control which is a great help during difficult routes.

You can easily connect the device with iPhone 6S and receive calls. But keep in mind all the safety rules before taking a call in the middle of your ride. It is really helpful for sudden change of plans. Through its Bluetooth interface you can call for your point of interest and the navigation provides appropriate guidance to the destination.

5. Satisfactory Navigational Outcome

Garmin Zumo 390LM works well for almost all types of motorbikes. The navigator offer great routes with the curvy road option. Once you enter your point of destination, the GPS will navigate you to the point. You have the complete freedom to choose the route according to your choice. There is a colored arrow which will direct you to take the appropriate turns.  Its special feature, Curvy Roads, will take you along enjoyable winding roads.

It has got another track back feature, which will take you back to the starting point. The exit feature provides a list all of the gas stations and restaurants for the coming exit. Another useful thing is the skip feature will helps you to skip the next way-point with ease.

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6. Tire Pressure Monitoring

The 4.3-Inch 390LM GPS can be integrated with an extremely useful additional equipment; the tire pressure monitor system. This additional equipment is sold separately and does not come along with the navigator. The tire pressure monitor system is connected using ANT technology. You will have to add a TPMS sensor for each tire. This will help you to monitor the pressure using the zumo display. This system allows monitoring up to 4 tires in any configuration.

7. Handlebar Mounting System

Garmin Zumo 390 LM handlebar mountThe motorcycle navigator comes with a handlebar mounting system. It has got a good RAM mount. The mount comes with a power cable and mounting hardware. It can be easily attached to your motorbike as per your own comfort.

But, in case you are not happy about the RAM mount, there are several mounting accessories sold separately on Amazon.

8. Efficient audibility

While connected to headset via Bluetooth for hands free experience, you get to hear clear directions even on a windy day. So when you are riding with your headset on, the clear instructions will provide a smooth riding experience.

9. Track your history log

You can also record and track the information like tire mileage, tire changes, tire pressures, chain cleanings, oil changes, new spark plugs etc.  There is no need for extra notebooks in order to save trip related information. The Service History Log function helps you to do all of it. Checking past details will be never be a challenge.

10. Plan and share

Want to plan your next ride? Garmin Zumo 390LM 4.3-Inch Motorcycle GPS Navigator lets you plan  the trip with ease. It has got an amazing feature called Base Camp which helps you do this. You can create your own route, search for the places of interests within the route (like restaurants, hang outs, local attractions, gas stations etc). After you are done with it, share the route trip to zumo for a hassle free ride experience. You can also read, rate, download reviews shared by other users.

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11. Other features

The 390LM navigator has a speed limit indicator.  It works for major roads in USA and Europe. It also informs about all the junctions on your route thereby increasing route awareness. You can find alternate routes to avoid tolls, highways etc. The display also has a navigation compass.

With the help of the digital fuel gauge, you will know how many miles you can ride before you stop at the next gas station. Another plus point with the unit is that you get an automotive mount and power cable for travelling in a four wheeler.

Garmin Zumo 390LM may sometimes be a slow starter in providing navigational data. But most people rate it better than other similar versions in the market. The unit has a sturdy brand value in a broad sense. Most reviews would recommend this unit for reliable route guidance in long biking trips. When compared with the Nuvi series, zumo has a definite competitive edge.

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