Garmin RV 760LMT Review Portable GPS Navigator

Not hovering on the side of exaggeration, Garmin is so far the best among all the GPS navigator service providers. It has presented us with some of the best navigational devices for both city and long-distance driving.

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator with the large 7 inch screen provides a quality experience during long and short trips. With several new features it has, within a short span of time, garnered a wide range of customers.

RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator is the first one in the segment for all the recreational vehicles (RV) with its wide, easy to read and clear as well as loud speakers. It is light in weight (only 12.4 ounces) and easy to install. It gets easily attached to the dashboard and its suction cup helps it to stick to its position without any movement.

The box includes RV 760LMT, lifetime maps and traffic, preloaded city navigator for North America, FM traffic receiver with 12/24 volt power cable, vehicle suction cup mount, micro USB cable and a quick start manual.

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Display and battery

As mentioned before the 7 inch wide display is in itself a great USP. The display resolution is 800*480 pixels. It has a WVGA colour TFT with white back-light display. The wide display screen gives a clear view with easy to read facility.

You might have the apprehension that this one is perhaps to big for your needs. But once you fix it in your vehicle, it presents a superb navigational view. The various information and maps on the navigator fit into the display screen so that while driving you can easily figure out the information.

The unit has a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a battery life up to 1 hour.

The RV route

The unit contains the detailed maps of USA and Canada. And most importantly, it has an amazing feature where you can put details of your vehicle’s height, weight, length and width and the navigator will guide you to the route appropriate for your vehicle.

The navigator avoids all the routes which are restricted according to the dimension of the vehicle. This has a huge effect in time constrained journeys.

Lifetime map and traffic update

Like all other Garmin navigational products, 760LMT also has lifetime map updates.  Along with the lifetime map update, now you also get lifetime traffic update. So while you are on the move, with the traffic receiver, you can avoid all the traffic fuss and reach your destination smoothly. It has also USA’s RV Parks and services directory information updated.

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RV Park and Services Directory

The GPS unit has unique feature of USA’s RV Parks and services directory. It is loaded with around 20000 sites in USA and Canada of all the RV Parks and campgrounds including national and state parks. This feature helps you to look for the appropriate facilities so that you can never feel away from home. The directory even has more than 14000 locations for services such as tire shops, truck stops, towing services and repairing stops.

Wireless back up camera

RV 760LMT also has the provision for wireless back up camera attachment. The camera is sold separately and does not come with the box. You can install the camera for safety by a professional. While you reverse your vehicle, you can easily view the pedestrians, vehicles or any other obstructions on the screen appearing on the back side of the car.

The transmitter fitted, sends the footage of the back side obstructions to the camera upto a distance of 45 feet. So this attachment is preferred to be installed for your treasured vehicle and overall safety.

Excellent voice command, Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone link

  • While you are driving, it is very important to be alert. You cannot fidget with your navigator.  The navigator gives clear and loud voice commands while you are driving other than the visual display on the screen.
  • You can also connect a Bluetooth enabled device with the RV 760LMT for hands free experience while driving. For example you can connect your smart phone to take calls or headset to listen to directions. A mobile application called smartphone link helps to connect your device  with your iphone or Android phone.
  • You can use the data plan to share about your places of interest, your destination or parking place etc.  You can also access Garmin Live Services which has free subscription to get all the required information about weather and traffic information.

Garmin Real Directions and Garmin Real Voice

Garmin Real Directions and Garmin Real Voice is a special feature in the RV navigators category. Now while driving you do not have to read the name of the streets anymore. The Garmin Real Direction feature guides you to find out your places of interest like landmarks, buildings, traffic etc.    Garmin Real Voice feature gives a clear, loud and audible speech with a friendly voice and seems very natural to the users.

Commendable Navigational guidance

On the ride you will feel at ease. The map on the screen keeps updating itself and refreshes the route and displays all nearby places of interest like gas station, restaurants, hospitals, stores etc. The active lane guidance helps you in driving with confidence.

Garmin Real friendly voice and the colorful arrow guide you to your destination with good accuracy. There are warnings regarding  any risks such as bad weather, narrow road, sharp curve, borders, steep hills etc.

The feature called Photoreal junction helps you to identify the junctions, interchanges, landscapes and the road signs. Along with driving map, you get additional information display like speed, estimated time of arrival, speed limit, school zone, your current location etc so that driving will be an easier task than it was previously.

You can also plan your trips way before to avoid all the hassles. With the help of its unique feature of Base Camp, you can plan your trip and select the best route for your RV including roads, restaurants, gas stations, places of interest etc. You can also share the pre-planned trip to RV 760LMT for a smooth trip ahead.

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Garmin Express

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator enables you to use Garmin Express. Through this you can update the unit with the latest maps, software, transfers, installation of custom vehicles and voices become much easier.

Great navigational features coupled with the large screen make the RV 760LMT a great product in the segment which is worth buying even if its cost is a little above your budget. The extra benefits will provide constant driving comfort which is evident from the high levels of customer satisfaction that the unit gets.


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