Garmin Nuvi 67LM Review – 6 Inch Dual Orientation Display – Backup Camera Compatible

Important Features:

  • Bright 6 inch dual orientation display
  • Works in cellular dead zones
  • Spoken turn by turn directions
  • Free Lifetime map updates
  • Displays speed limits & current speed
  • Foursquare app to search mllions of POIs
  • Garmin Real Direction uses on road landmarks for guidance
  • Direct Access feature – Quick navigation to important destinations
  • Compatible with BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera
  • Junction views with Lane Assist for clarity in complex intersections
  • Up-Ahead feature displays upcoming POIs while driving
  • Please note – Does not provide traffic alert
Box Contains:  GPS unit – USB cord- Power cord for automobile – Suction cup for window – Instructions for map downloads

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Larger screens continue to dominate the trend among GPS navigators. Garmin Nuvi 67LM comes with a bright dual orientation 6 inch screen. If you ask me about the three most important features about this GPS, the answer would be;  Foursquare app for searching Points of Interests, Direct access and Garmin Real Direction. These three make driving considerably easier and comfortable. Garmin is generally the brand that gives you high end features in low budget navigators. The device is meant to be used in landscape mode but you can also use in portrait using the 3D view.

If you are someone who insists on a large screen Nuvi 67LM  is a good choice. Adding an extra inch diagonally to the

screen does make a pretty significant difference. The difference is all the more perceivable when you have used a 4.3 inch unit before. The only thing that you would probably miss is the direct Traffic update system for busy city driving. The traffic alert system comes in Nuvi 67LMT model. This one provides you Free Lifetime Map updates which is sometimes enough for most commuters.



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Salient points – Garmin Nuvi 67 LM


6 inch dual orientation touch screen

The navigator has a resistive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. You can use it horizontally or vertically. There is a Suction cup mount which keeps it firmly in a place. It features a sleek stylish and bright display.

Foursquare lets you discover new places

Foursquare brings out a plethora of information about any given place on the map. It helps you to find new shops, food places, and business store. When anyone searches for a location its results are displayed on the top with familiar icons. When people travel to new places they find this feature really useful. It has an advanced series and it works the same way by putting results on top where you conduct search. This type of integration is better as you can use this without an Internet access.

Direct Access: Navigation made simple

The direct access feature simplifies navigating to important locations in any area. This feature figures out the exact location of areas such as shopping malls, airports, railways stations etc, and brings out the best route in one go. Another interesting thing in this feature is that while navigating to a mall you get additional information about the stores. Hence, you can find out a specific place within a larger location. It also navigates through parking lots to find nearby empty spaces. The feature goes a bit beyond the role of an automotive GPS device. The data also adds millions of additional point of interests (POIs).

Garmin Real Directions

The facility is something which every driver would appreciate. These directions guide like a friend as they are really easy to understand. The feature uses traffic lights, buildings, gas station which is easy to recognize. Rather than using street names it uses some real landmarks. It can tell the user to turn left from a certain traffic line or landmark. It helps more when someone is driving in an unfamiliar area. People are generally tired of staring at map. This should help anyone navigate through an unfamiliar street without looking at the map. It also has a speed limit indicator which also tells you both the current speed and speed limit of the road you are driving on.

Detailed map including free updates

It arrives with pre-loaded maps of the Lower 49 US states. Most importantly new maps are also available for download. Many POI (point of interests) and navigational information are also available. Free lifetime map updates ensures that you have the latest maps with the all the new data in it. Instructions on the updating are given in the manual that comes along with the GPS.

Lane Assist with Junction View

It helps you to make the right exit turn on complex highways. School zone warnings is another useful feature. It issues an audible alert and also displays yes a bright light onscreen warning. When you are in a school zone the speed limit is also reflected. To indicate the proper lane it assists with junction view which uses the bright colored arrows. It actually guides the user to the right lane so that one may avoid long delays due to wrong lane choice.


Wireless Backup Camera

It can wirelessly pair with a BC30 backup camera which is sold separately. It can help you to see the vehicles behind you while you are driving. The camera pairs wirelessly to Nuvi67LM and you get the rear view automatically while reversing.

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More Information at a Glance

It also has a rechargeable battery. The battery last about 1-2 hours. You can use the GPS without plugged in. Like other Nuvi units it also can be oriented in landscape and portrait mode. There is a “Up ahead “feature which issues a customized sidebar. It constantly informs the user about nearby services including gas stations, ATMs and all. Without interrupting your route you can check the sidebar and information what you want. As you drive the route “Up ahead” constantly informs you to the nearby services.

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And Finally

Many users wonder about using the smartphone as a dedicated GPS unit. However, it might not be the right choice in long journeys, especially when you are in unknown locations. Garmin Nuvi 67 LM does not rely on cellular signals and is not affected by cellular dead zones. Garmin has representatives for customer support. User can stay in touch through email and phones. It has an affordable price and only drawback is perhaps the absence of  Bluetooth connectivity.