Garmin nüvi 65LMT Review 6 Inch GPS Navigator With Speed Limit Displays And Preloaded Maps

Key Features of 65LMT

  • 6 Inch display with dual orientation – Bright Screen
  • Hear spoken instructions (turn by turn) with Garmin Real Voice
  • The Up Ahead Feature brings important Points coming up on the way
  • Junction view with Lane Assist feature to navigate during complex junctions and intersections
  • Free lifetime maps – Maps of lower 49 States preloaded
  • Traffic updates are free for lifetime – No ads or subscription
  • Millions of POIs that update regularly
  • Works well even in zones with no cellular connectivity
  • Find out the desired Point of interest quickly
  • Warnings when arriving in school zones

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A 6-inch screen may not be as big as the 7-inch counterpart but it surely does the job quite effectively. Garmin Nuvi  65 LMT  is perfect for both North American and European users. This navigator comes preloaded with the maps of lower 49 States. If you are looking for the European version of this device please check out here.

What you will definitely find amazing with this device is its real voice feature. Garmin Real Voice  provides turn-by-turn spoken instruction so that you have a clear idea what lies ahead. Most importantly you do not have to look on the screen again and again as you are hearing the instructions directly. Another thing that you might appreciate is the warning feature before you enter a school zone

Gain With Free Lifetime Traffic and Maps

Buying a new navigation device without free lifetime traffic and map of date does not make sense in the modern world. Maps are becoming more complex with each passing day which is precisely the reason why free map updates make a lot of sense.

If you are someone who has to commute daily in the busy traffic lanes of modern day cities, Garmin nuvi 65LMT will certainly make your life easier. Avoid busy traffic areas with traffic updates and stay away from congested routes. You can also choose the fastest route from a given number of options to travel from one point to another.

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If you ask me about using the smartphone as a GPS in the car, I would not go for the idea. There is a simple logic behind this. I do not feel that a phone based network is dependable. The safety advantage when using nuvi 65lmt is that it works in dead connectivity zones, where your phone does not catch even an iota of the signal. This is a like a second life line in precarious situations. And it is important that you have such a dependable device in unknown places.

Since all the maps and POIs are already loaded, you can move around in various cities and locations across the globe. It is easy to update a Garmin device. Simply check out their website, state the model and you will get step by step instructions for updating.


Up Ahead plus Lane Assist

In simple terms, you know what lies ahead when using 65lmt gps. The display lets you know about the surroundings and the road ahead. So if you are in the hunt for an ATM simply check the display for nearby ATMs. Another method is to type in “ATM” for POIs and you will obtain the location of the nearest ones.

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Junction view of complex intersections on highways will ensure that your vehicle remains in the correct lane. You can see the bright arrow that points the correct lane to follow the navigational data that comes on the screen. Using this GPS is a simple affair which is why I would not think twice before recommending this to people who are not so tech-savvy. Even if you are, you will love the simplicity.

Driving needs to be a fun activity and gps navigators ensure that you do have fun while on a trip. Since the unit is portable you can also take it on vacations to take the help in unknown cities.  It is like your constant guide in hand.

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