Garmin Nuvi 57 LMT Review 5 inch GPS navigator With Lifetime Maps And Traffic

Features at a glance

  • Lifetime Free Traffic And Map Updates
  • Compatible with Backup  Camera (sold separately)
  • Direct Access guides you directly to complex destinations
  • Garmin Real Directions-guidance via on-road landmarks and traffic lights
  • Foursquare app-search among millions of Points of Interests
  • On-screen school zone warnings
  • Brightly colored Lane-Assist with junction view
  • 5 inch sharp and bright dual orientation display
  • Does not rely on cellular signals
  • With pre-loaded detailed maps of lower 49 US states

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Review By Sarah Johnson

(Given below is a guest review post by Sarah Johnson. We asked her about the overall experience of using this device on a daily basis)

Dependable Navigational Guidance

I am a frequent traveler, blogger and a property dealer by profession.  My job demands a lot of driving in order to meet new clients and to search new properties in remote locations. Finding the shortest route to new locations is sometimes a challenge and more so if you are not having a good navigator. Things become even more difficult when I have to direct the client to the same location.  I also have to visit unknown locations in order to write my travel blog. Hence, I was looking for a really good GPS navigator which would act like a guiding star amidst the dense forests, lonely deserts, crowded streets and rugged mountains. I had one of the older versions from Garmin  with a smaller screen and less features. Many of my colleagues and friends are already using advanced Garmin GPS units and post usage I can comment that buying the Nuvi 57LMT was a good decision.

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Wide Display and easy to use

First and foremost it is very easy to use and to handle the entire system. Even a novice or a first time GPS user can use it without any assistance. When I first received it I had to read the manual only once to use it. Even my 7 year old kid can operate it. It’s wide 5 inches dual orientation display helps to get a clear view. It is not hard to use even with so much information in one screen.  I wear glasses. But while driving the screen gives enough space to focus on all the other details at different time intervals. It can even be used where lights are a bit low. Even the audio is clear enough to understand the directions and warnings. The touch screen is also sensitive and working fine.

Lifetime free map update and traffic avoidance

Thanks to my new GPS unit, navigation here in United States has definitely become easier. The unit is attached to my car’s dashboard.  Since the maps are up to date all the time I can trust the routes even when driving along some short-cuts ( but my suggestion- use the main roads on most occasions till you have fair idea of the place). The free lifetime map updates and traffic alerts feature is something that provides value for money.

On most occasions I am able to take the fastest route to my destination. It is something that brings in a lot of peace in my life as I am able to inform my clients about my arrival time. This implies an effective utilization of the available time and more client visits on a daily basis.

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The exact direction

I have certainly gone past the confusion feeling during complex junctions. Nuvi 57 LMT brings out the shortest routes to the destination point with the latest information about the traffic conditions. Even the landmarks, buildings, traffic signals are not missed. It always directs me when to take turns at the exact time. Here I would like to share my experience. Once I had to take my son to a popular video game parlor. I had just set the name of the destination. The navigator is so accurate and it had given me exact turnings (clear instructions for when to turn left or right with correct landmark) and also the fastest route, avoiding the traffic nuisance.  It is was a highly satisfying feeling on that day and I realized that the GPS brought good value for money.

Easy to find your point of interests

Whether it is a restaurant or a fast food joint or a movie theater, popular shops, business centers, you just have to name the POI and it will navigate you direct to the doorstep. It is linked to foursquare, hence finds out the nearest and popular shops, restaurants, theaters etc with ease. So when we go out for dining we just search the name of the joint and we get the exact direction. No more wasting time going here and there. We found our favorite food joint through this feature.

Alerts nearby a school area

For my work I drive regularly. At times during client calls nothing comes in mind except work. The navigator has a feature called school zone warning. So whenever you are nearby a school it warns you and indicates to keep the speed within limit. So driving is actually much safer now.

Wireless backup camera

Life is precious. Safety is an important criterion for me when comes to driving or riding. I face problems while reversing my car. So I have added a wireless backup camera to view the back side of the car while taking a reverse gear. Though this feature has to be separately added but is quite useful. I can see the back side and avoid any accidents. Reversing is now no more a challenge for me. It completes the overall navigational purpose. I will suggest if anyone buying this gadget can also opt for this wireless backup camera.

More Information

Now I can see not only the map but also other important information such as speed limit, current location, current speed, estimated arrival time (which happens to be exact- in my case at least), my route, ATMs, stores, restaurant, gas station or any of my places of interest. The screen adjusts all the information appropriately without any problem and gives clear instructions. So locating the important places is no more a big deal as it used to be in the past.

A dedicated vehicle GPS unit is a must have accessory in today’s world where there are so many unpredictable situations lying on the road ahead. Garmin Nuvi 57 LMT 5-inch has certainly proved as a value adding thing in my case. Some, however, like to have a bigger 7 inch screen when covering long distance routes but I find no problem in grasping the navigation data on it.

Now I know much about the roads, junctions and businesses than before.  Like a proficient driver I am no more confused in middle of the road, stopping every minute and here and there and asking for the right direction. Nowadays my friends call me for any kind of directions or for any other landmark.

I am satisfied with its unique features and its user friendly adaptability. If you are on a higher budget range my suggestion would be to simply opt for a bigger screen with the same features because free traffic and map updates is what most commuters are looking for for city traffic navigation.

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