Garmin nüvi 55LMT GPS Navigator Review

Important features:

  • Free lifetime maps with update- Detailed maps of lower 49 States
  • Free lifetime traffic- the service is free from ads  or any kind of subscription
  • Receive clear warning for upcoming School zones
  • Use the “Up Ahead” feature to easily find places such as restaurant service station or gas station without changing the current map on display
  • Clear cut voice instructions from Garmin Real Voice feature- Turn by turn directions
  • Avoid confusions when navigating through complex interchanges- The navigator uses clear and easily visible bright coloured arrows to show you the correct lane for the upcoming exit or turn
  • Bright and sharp 5-inch screen
  • This navigator does not use cellular signals –  Works perfectly well in zones with no cellular connectivity

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European maps based device also available


Simple & Easy GPS Navigation For Everyone

You don’t need your smartphone to get navigational guidance when on the road. Nuvi 55LMT is an extremely simple to use GPS navigator That works without the help of cellular signals. This means that you get powerful navigational services even when there are no cellular signals. This is a highly dependable device for long journeys. Voice directions are simple to understand and you also get turn by turn directions with the street name. Nüvi 55LMT Provides you the information on the sharp 5-inch screen. You can use it either Vertically or horizontally.


Preloaded maps with free updates

For the North American user, there are detailed maps of the lower 49 States preinstalled in 55LMT. You can also get European maps if required. Check with the dealer before ordering. You will get the options beforehand. Map updates are provided free of cost. Map updates also imply that the latest point of interests come into play. Thus, the device gets richer from an information point of view.

One thing that you have to bear in mind is that  map updates consume a lot of memory.  For future map updates you may have to invest in a micro SD card to get the best results. However this card is not a part of the package.

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Read the terms and conditions for Lifetime Maps

Lifetime Free Traffic feature for smooth driving

With the nüvi 55LMT, you have the assurance of lifetime free traffic updates. Get immediate alerts for new delays on your route and avoid places with congestion. This saves a lot of time on a daily basis. You can also know whether you are travelling on the best possible route plan. All this with no subscription charges or ad services.


Read the terms and conditions for Lifetime traffic


Quickly find your Point of interest

With this simple to use vehicle GPS unit getting the desired point of interest is just seconds away. Enter a name like “Jack’s station or service point” and it pops on the map almost immediately. With every update, you get more Points of Interests.


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Drive on the correct Lane in complex interchanges

55LMT marks the junctions with bright colored arrows and shows the correct lane that one has to follow. It makes driving on unknown highways easier and safer.

Want to know which street you are on? Simply look on the screen and you have the street name. Other details such as current speed and estimated time of arrival are also shown. If there are speed limits in the upcoming area, you will see the notification beforehand.

Up Ahead features, as the name suggests, lets you know about the important points of interests that are coming up on your way. You can continue using the map mode while checking out the data in Up Ahead. There is also a button to adjust the volume of voice based instructions.


Quick warnings for school zones

Garmin nuvi 55LMT issues quick warnings when you are approaching a school zone. It lets you follow the rules without being startled.

Use the Garmin Express service to update the device including maps. There are many customizations which allow better usage of the device as per your likes.