Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT Review Vehicle GPS 7 Inch Screen With Bluetooth-Free Traffic And Map

Important features:

  • Free Garmin Traffic-The 12V power adaptor Contains the embedded traffic receiver

  • Free Map Updates

  • Error free navigation with Garmin Real Voice real voice And Garmin Real Directions

  • Easy to use 7-inch touch screen interface

  • Get clear, detailed images of junctions  via  Bird’s Eye junction views and PhotoReal

  • Important points of interests shown in advance by Up Ahead service

  • Easily control the navigator with Voice Commands

  • Bluetooth connection compatible-Control phone with Bluetooth

  • User can connect a Smartphone to the device

  • Detailed maps of North America and Europe(check before placing the order)

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With a 4.4 star rating out of 5 on Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT rests comfortably in the bestseller list of Amazon for dedicated trucking GPS units. Powered by a 7 inch bright and sharp Touchscreen, it is definitely one among the most popular GPS navigators for trucks. When it comes to trucking GPS Garmin already has the dezl series on offer. And it is not surprising to find that most of the components used in 2797LMT are identical to their Dezl counterparts. But this device is a state of the art model with highly accurate navigation data and useful features such as quick traffic announcements and active lane guidance. However, the two most impressive features are “Slide out Up Ahead” and “Real Directions”.


If you are opting for the US version of the navigator, maps of U.S, Canada and Mexico are pre-installed. There is also the UK and European maps version of the product. You need to check with the supplier at the time of placing the order.


Voice commands and Bluetooth-based hands-free calling add extra comfort for car owners as well as truckers. Most importantly, the users get Lifetime Traffic and Map updates with no ads on the traffic.


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7 Inch Screen Implies Better Viewing

2797LMT is a big navigator for sure, but once you get the hang of it, you will love the 7-inch screen.  Many customers do not want a smaller screen after using the larger screen GPS units. As long as the device with comfortably on the dashboard and does not in there in normal driving conditions, it is always going to be a good choice.  if you are still having doubts about using a large screen GPS unit there are many good  options in the 5-inch touchscreen segment.


Drive safely with active Lane guidance

Active Lane guidance is one of the best features in 2797LMT. The new lane guidance system is definitely better compared to the previous models of Gani. The future is especially helpful when there are two different exits on the same side of the lane.


Bigger Screen, Bigger Maps

As the screen size is large More information is shown in different areas of the maps. A bigger screen implies lesser problems for people who have difficulty while focusing on a screen that delivers navigational information.

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Charge on the go with Powered Mount

In the power Mount based systems the mount remains attached to the charging cable at all times. You can straight away place the GPS on the mount and it starts charging while you are driving in the car.  Power based mounting system is helpful  because you don’t have to connect the charging cable to the navigator each and every time.  Simply clip in the device and charge it while you drive.


What is the Up Ahead feature?

The  ahead feature shows you the important points of interest that will be coming up on the route. For example, restaurants comma gas stations comma grocery stores etc. You can check on the settings section and customize the information that will be delivered


Always the correct route with real direction

If you need to turn at a particular landmark this feature will let you know the exact point of turn well in advance. For the convenience of drivers, the street name is also shown. The service is reliable, but  available in a limited number of places.

Some other useful features our lifetime traffic and map updates along with the fact that you get to hear the names of streets during important turns. there is also an embedded trip planner with multi-destination feature.  this helps you find the best route possible for your journey.  Android and iPhone users have the option to connect their phones with the navigator using the smartphone link.

Good quality Bluetooth

The quality of sound with respect to the Bluetooth is Better than previous versions. Use the Bluetooth connection for accessing your phone directly. You can receive and make calls via Bluetooth without the  need 2 actually pick up your phone.


Finally, at the end

Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT is a good GPS for long distance travelling.  Both  car and truck users will love the extra size of the screen. Free map updates and on-time traffic announcements are additional incentives.  From a safety point of view you would appreciate the high-quality Lane guidance feature.

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