Garmin Nüvi 2757LM Review Lifetime Maps Portable 7-Inch Vehicle GPS

They say that size matters. When you are looking for comfortable vehicle navigation this holds true. Having a 7Inch GPS in the car is nothing short of luxury. The advantage with Garmin Nuvi 2757LM is that it provides the luxury at a decent cost. This GPS unit is big but certainly not overwhelming. In fact, it is a high possibility that you will fall in love with the big screen. But one thing is for sure; once you start operating on the big screen, smaller units will not seem too appealing.

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Nüvi 2757LM resembles the dezl trucker series from Garmin and the hardware is more or less identical. If you are in the hunt for trucking GPS, the dezl series will provide better possibilities. 2757LM provides free lifetime map updates but not free traffic. That might be a damper for some people. But with so many useful features such as “Real Directions”, Up Ahead features, Auto sort, Active lane guidance etc, it is difficult to keep the device out of the limelight.

There was a time when 4.3-inch models ruled the markets. The advent of 5-inch navigators was no great event for people already using the smaller versions. Anyway, the screen resolution remained more or less the same. Price drops in 5-inch models meant that smallest units became more or less obsolete in demand ( but yet they have a strong market presence). The manufacturing doesn’t stop here because truck drivers need large screen GPS navigators. The new 7 inch navigators have a unique status among truckers as well as vehicle owners. They definitely have such unique features that suit long distance travel. The dezl series is expensive and there has been a long-standing demand for cheaper units. The answer, in my view, lies in Garmin Nuvi 2757LM

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Talking about the designGarmin nüvi 2757LM review

The features of 2757 are comparable to 2557LMT. But the one thing that stands out in this model is the classic design. The bigger size implies that the unit is identical to a tablet with a thin bezel. For someone using the small screen GPS units, the change can be huge and something akin to an eye opener.




  • The first thing to notice is the detailed map database. So what maps to you already have? The entire North America. ( U.S, Canada, Mexico + US Virgin Islands + Cayman Islands + Bahamas + Puerto Rico). Garmin provides 4 free map updates every year which are enough for the average commuter.

please click here for a Europe-specific version of 7-inch navigator

  • TFT WQVGA color touchscreen – 7 inch – Manual dual-orientation display along with white backlight
  • Don’t worry about the volume of navigation data that you have to handle. The millions of Points of Interests are easy to locate and have the latest information. Whether you are looking for the new start-up business point or something fresh to eat, the data comes right on your route map. And there is no need to type in the data (you can if you want to add custom POIs). Just tap on the point and you will get the way to reach there. The navigator auto sorts multiple destinations and provides the most direct route to the point.
  • The Real directions feature is as the name sounds; real! The voice-based navigation guides you based on the landmarks coming in the field of vision. For example, you would hear the instruction ” turn left from the next gas station or take a right from the ATM on the right”. This is a lot of easier to comprehend and your attention remains on the road. The voice you hear is like a real friend who guides. That’s why it is called the “Real Voice” feature.
  • Adding another point to the driver’s comfort is the Active Lane Guidance feature. It prepares you for the21.3 Garmin nüvi 2757LM active lane guidance
    upcoming interchange. Bright colored arrows denote the proper lane for the journey with uninterrupted voice navigation. Adding to that is the Bird’s eye view function which shows an overhead view of the entire crossing. You would also admire the view generated by photReal service. It is quite realistic and helps during the lane changing process.
  • If you are curious to know what lies ahead, there is Up Ahead function to tell you everything that is coming on the way. Just tap the screen and you will have all the information about POIs that lie ahead.
  • Your current speed and upcoming speed limits are displayed constantly along with the time of arrival. You will also have school zone warnings when necessary.
  • It is easy to update the software for 2757LM. Use Garmin Express and update maps and software in one go. You can also install custom vehicles and voices.


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So what do you get in the box:

  • Brand new Garmin nüvi 2757LM GPS navigator21.4 Garmin nüvi 2757LM whats in the box
  • Map updates free for lifetime(details mentioned on box)
  • Suction cup mount – It has a mini USB input – Power cable must be plugged directly to the mount
  • Power cable for vehicle (mini USB)
  • A micro USB cable – It goes directly inside the unit
  • Manual for quick start


What’s the conclusion?

If you have never had a GPS navigator before, you could opt for this one as it has all the features with the necessary upgrades and of course, the big screen. Garmin Nuvi 2757LM is sometimes also recommended as an upgrade from small sizes. The thing that most commuters appreciate is the ability to check out information even from a distance owing to the large display. The lower price tag is because of the absence of features like Bluetooth and Live traffic. If your prime focus is easy and comfortable navigation, 2757LM will fulfill the expectations.




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