Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT Review-Lifetime Maps & Traffic 6″ Touchscreen – Bluetooth GPS

High points of Nuvi 2689LMT:

  • Dual orientation 6-inch backlit color touch screen with pinch to zoom feature
  • Free traffic avoidance and Free Lifetime Map updates
  • Foursquare feature to search the desired Point of interest
  • Voice based system for using navigation
  • The device comes with Smartphone Link Capability
  • Easy to use Bluetooth connection calling
  • Simplified navigation to important locations via Direct Access
  • Navigate easily through complex junctions with Active Lane Guidance
  • Backup camera (sold separately) connection available

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What you may find problematic

With a host of easy to use features and free lifetime map and traffic, it was difficult to find the cons about Garmin 2689LMT.

But sometimes when using Voice based navigation you might get inaccurate results (when you are looking for certain business locations)


Detailed design and performance review of Nuvi 2689LMT

The presence of  free mobile-based navigation applications such as the one offered by Google Maps makes it difficult for standalone GPS Navigation units to compete in the present day market. Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT manages to create a good impression through its clear touch screen interface. Some important and useful features on offer are free lifetime traffic and map updates along with foursquare integration to boost Points of Interests. You can never miss out the information on a large 6-inch screen. If you are looking for a high-end portable GPS Navigation unit with Bluetooth connection and voice-based commands,  Nuvi 2689LMT is surely a good deal.

The matted black coloured unit gives a stylish appearance with an overall weight of 9.5 ounces. The body dimensions measuring 3.7 inches X 6.6 inches  0.76 inches offer comfortable usage. On the back side of the unit you can locate a small speaker along with the Mini USB port and the power button. There is also a dedicated slot for using micro SD card which you can find on the bottom side of the navigator.

Most of the users found it extremely easy to use the 6-inch touch screen. The responsiveness property of the screen is high and both portrait and landscape orientation can be used. The fact that the orientation does not change automatically is in my view an advantage because you need to be really sure about the kind of orientation you would use in a particular case. Use the settings to get the desired orientation.

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The mounting system is simpler compared to most of the other navigators in this segment. The Mount has two pieces; the one with the suction cup attaches itself to the windshield. The second piece is attached on the back side of the GPS. This piece snaps perfectly into the windshield part after which you can adjust the position of the navigation unit. Use the same process to unmount the entire system.

It is advised that you use the system along with the car charger in place because the battery life comes to around 1 hour which is rather less. Since most users tend to place the charging unit right inside the car during the journey this issue is not much of a problem. the charging system provides power directly and not through the mounting system.

If you want to update the software used the USB cable and connect the GPS to a computer with Internet connection. the USB cable is included in the Pack.

Most users will find the setup extremely easy . when powering for the first time you have to select the country and you are ready to go. just focus on two options which are called where to and view map. Save your home address in advance so that you don’t have to type in again and again. there are a number of icons on the home screen using which you can change various settings such as volume recent destination etc.

How is the navigational performance?

One must admit the fact that vehicle GPS from reputed companies too, tend to make mistakes. But the frequency of mistakes is extremely low and on an average, you can trust the device. More importantly, these errors occur predominantly in far flung areas; rest assured about performance  in urban locations.

The best thing is that even if you miss a particular turn the GPS quickly recalculates the new route so that you  can come on the right track as soon as possible . Extremely clear voice prompts make it easy to focus on the road while driving. speed limits if any are shown well in advance.

Garmin already has a huge database of relevant Points of interests. There is another useful application called Foursquare to provide additional information in case any location is not saved on the database. Foursquare is hugely helpful when you are looking for local information.

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More on performance and features

After the commencement of a trip, the product promises you about any dealers delays on the route and approximate time required for the delay lifetime traffic data is available on the right side of the touchscreen. You may choose the settings option to display the data on the screen.

Use the Bluetooth connection to pair your phone with the navigator so as to make hands-free calls. You can also connect your smartphone to the GPS unit using the smartphone Link application.

Smart phone connection offers another benefit you can pair the phone with the navigator and share your phone’s existing data plan to share information . For example, if there are location and addresses saved on the phone you can send them directly to the product both iPhone and Android devices are compatible.



Wireless backup camera- great rearview assistance

Increase the navigational capabilities by connecting it to a wireless backup camera BC™ 30 (sold separately). Once you have done the connections you can easily view the rear section right on the touchscreen and move the vehicle easily in the reverse mode.

Complex junctions and highways-no more worries

Complex Road Junction are here to stay. You cannot avoid them during long distance trips. But using a high-quality navigator gives you the confidence to travel with ease. Voice prompt based active Lane guidance gives a Birds eye view of the entire Junction and a feeling that you are looking over the area from an overhead position. It becomes easy to understand the correct route that one must hold on to. You may also follow the arrow directions on the touch screen to move smoothly and easily.


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Overall view

With a number of useful navigational features along with free lifetime traffic and map updates Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT provides full value for money. Since you have all the advanced features pre-installed in the device this system is not becoming outdated anytime soon. The only thing that you need to do is to update the navigator from time to time using Garmin Express.

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