Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT North America Review

Garmin Nuvi 2589 LMT with a 5 inch pinch to zoom glass display comes with a dual orientation screen. The device has also got other useful features such as Foursquare search engine, direct access to destination, lifetime map updates and Bluetooth feature with Smartphone Link Compatibility and Voice Activated Navigation. Along with the feature rich Nuvi 2589LMT,we get a vehicle suction mount, lifetime maps and traffic, antennae, vehicle power cable, USB cable and quick start manual. Let us look at some important features of the navigator.

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Bright Display

The Nuvi 2589LMT has a bright 5 inch display to get an easy look at the onscreen information. The dual orientation feature helps to use either horizontally or vertically. The pinch to zoom in feature gives a clear view on the screen. But when compared to other options of navigational devices, it has a lower screen resolution. You can experience a glare from sun on the screen due to its mat finish and makes it difficult to view.

Detailed Maps with free update

The navigator is packed with detailed maps of North America. It has got lifetime map updates to provide the up to date maps, points of interest and navigational information. All the maps can be downloaded to the device without any subscription charges. The maps can also be updated without any charges. But the installation and updating of maps show error and need technical support. Under the maps and vehicle option in settings tab you can actually change your vehicle icon.

Foursquare search engine

With Foursquare access you can add millions of points of interest. You can easily find the addresses of businesses, stores, restaurants or other destinations. It gives correct and accurate information from Foursquare. So when you search your destination, Foursquare helps to provide the search results on top of the list. You can also use Smartphone Link application with this device to check in to Foursquare and find out the destination including the rating, price range and hours of service. Other than this there is a where I have been application which shows the places you have been to. You can save the navigational routes for future references.

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Free Lifetime traffic Avoidance

The free lifetime traffic feature in the 2589 LMT provides onscreen map view at all times. The alerts appear on the side of the map and messages can be heard. It gives a clear picture of minutes of delay, expected time of arrival and possible detours available. It calculates the different routes and gives you an option of the fastest route. The Lifetime traffic gives free traffic updates without any subscription fee. And the best part is you do not need any smart phone to receive the traffic update. But the distance once you select the destination may not be correct once you go to the navigational page.

Garmin Real Direction

The Nuvi 2589 LMT is powered with Garmin Real Direction. So you get navigational direction even when you are out of cell phone zone and do not get any signal. This feature provides turn by turn spoken direction which is easy to understand and gives recognisable landmarks, buildings and traffic light. So without reading names on screen, you will have to listen to the directions. So you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. But sometimes it gives minor error and not every time it gives a correct advice.

Find the exact place to go

The Direct Access feature indicates to the proper lanes and helps you to drive through the exits and interchanges. Along with bright colored arrows, the additional voice offers lane assistance. The Bird’s Eye helps to provide a detailed and clear view of the interchanges. Photo Real junction is another feature which realistically displays the junctions and interchanges along with the route surrounding the landscape. The navigational device not only indicates the proper lanes to drive but also depicts the real road signals. The active lane guidance feature is an additional advantage.

Bluetooth Compatible

The Nuvi 2589 LMT is Bluetooth compatible. With this feature you can easily sync to your smartphone and experience a hands free calling with the help of its integrated microphone and speaker. The Bluetooth connectivity is quite strong. Even if you put your phone in your pocket or purse, the Bluetooth connection remains intact.

Voice Activated Navigation

The device has voice activated navigation. As you speak, the device actively responds even if you are driving. You will have to say voice command and select the location to get the navigational direction. You also have the option to view the navigational direction on the touch screen.  Sometimes the voice recognition does not work so at that time onscreen navigational display can be used.

Smartphone Link Compatible

The Nuvi 2589 LMT can be connected to your smartphone through the Smartphone Link Application without any subscription charges. The device uses the data plan of your smartphone to provide you with information like parking space, points of interest, destinations etc. With this feature you can also send locations of your destination from your smartphone to the device. Apart from these the Smartpone Link application gives access to the Garmin Live services for weather updates, real time information etc.

More Information

The five inch display screen is wide enough to fit all the information. On screen you will get to experience information like your route, nearby services, food joints, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs along your navigational map. It displays the speed limit, current speed, estimated time of arrival, school zone alerts etc.

Provision to add wireless backup camera

There is a provision to add the wireless backup camera to the Nuvi 2589 LMT. The wireless backup camera is sold separately and can be fixed with the help of professional expert. With this you can easily view any vehicle or obstruction while reversing.

The product comes with one year warranty and offers email and phone customer support. But it is advisable to use calling support for fast solution. The battery life is up to two hours and could have been better as the charging cable is not up to the mark. The unit is easy to use but mounting suction cup does not fit well into the vehicle. The unit is very fast and starts almost immediately and does not freeze.  You can create shortcuts if you do a lot of traveling for your own ease.  One thing which can create a problem is the plugin socket at the back. If you fidget with it then it can put pressure in the circuit board and can stop functioning. So for navigational assistance, Nuvi 2589LMT can be a good deal as it comes with some good features than the other GPS units.

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