Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT Review – Free Lifetime Maps & Traffic – Voice Activated GPS Navigator With Bluetooth

Quick Features:

  • Receive Driver Alerts ( school zones, sharp curves, red lights etc)
  • Free Lifetime Maps & Traffic Updates
  • Navigate in Hands-Free Mode – Bluetooth Voice activated with calling
  • Guidance via on route landmarks – Garmin Real Directions
  • Displays speed limits – arrival time – current speed & street
  • 6 Inch Screen  – Dual Orientation – Pinch to Zoom
  • Get Smartphone notifications on screen – call display and other alerts

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Watch the Unboxing of Garmin Drive Smart 60

Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA is an advanced navigational product. It comes with some smart features that are extremely useful in a wide variety of situations. The first thing that most users comment is that it really easy to use the navigator.

The major highlights of Drive Smart 60 NA are Lifetime maps and traffic, traffic antenna or vehicle power cable, Vehicle suction cup mount, USB cable and a quick start manual.

It has a bright 6 inch display screen with dual orientation and pinch to zoom facility. The display screen shows notifications when you receive calls or there is a nearby traffic incident or when you are approaching an exit. The wide screen helps to fit in much information other than the navigational map.

It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and lasts up to one hour. The Display screen has 800*480 pixels resolution with WVGA color TFT and white back light.

It is light in weight and can be attached to the vehicle as per user’s choice. The installation is relatively easy.

Driving Alerts

The GPS has an important feature of driver alertness for a safe driving. This feature is very useful for the safety of the drivers.

It alerts you from different warnings such as sharp curves, speed changes, railway crossing, animal crossing etc. When you go the wrong way or take a wrong turn, it even notifies you and gives you warnings. You will also get warnings while crossing a school zone or when you are nearby a red light or speed cameras.

Even when there are traffic jams ahead, it will notify you to be ready about the sudden stop. When you travel for longer time, Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA will give you a fatigue warning and suggest you to take a break and rest for a while!

Apart from all these, there is also a feature which displays speed limitation for most of the roads especially in U.S and Europe.

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Smart Notifications

You can sync Bluetooth devices like your smart phone to Drive Smart 60 NA and experience hands free calling.  Bluetooth sync also helps you to receive smart notifications on Garmin drive smart 60 NA display.

You can now receive messages, take calls and get reminders without taking off your hands from the steering.

Weather and traffic Information

To have the real time weather and traffic information you will have to download smart phone link mobile application in your smart phone.

Then you can connect your Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA with your compatible smart phone.

With this you can get weather forecasts and current weather updates along with real time traffic conditions.

Voice Command

Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA has voice activated navigation. It gives a clear command while navigation and controls your voice so that you do not have to keep away your hands from steering. The clear commands help you to go to the correct places without any ambiguity.

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Easy Navigation      

The active lane guidance helps to drive through exit or interchanges without any difficulty. The brightly colored arrow indicates the route for proper guidance. It avoids the highways, tolls etc and also the dirty roads.

The Bird’s Eye view feature helps you to get a detailed view of the interchanges.

It has also got Photoreal Junction View which displays the interchanges, junctions, surrounding landscape in a realistic way.

Lifetime traffic feature

Garmin Traffic helps you to estimate the minutes of delay due to traffic and also suggests the presence of any possible detour. It can also recommend you the fastest and alternative route to avoid delay.

GarminDrive Smart 60 NA receives lifetime traffic information without any subscription fee. You do not even have to use your smart phone to get the Garmin Traffic update.

The updates are delivered directly to the navigator

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Easy Guide using landmark

Drive Smart 60 NA guides you with Garmin Real directions. It will direct you with easy to understand turn to turn directions.

The Garmin real Direction guides you by using specific landmarks, buildings, traffic lights etc. Hence it makes your ride easier and helps you to reach to the correct location.

It is linked with foursquare and therefore helps you to find thousands of new places.

Exact Navigation

It is pre-loaded with maps of North America. Simply enter the name of the destination and Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA will guide to the exact spot.

It has got Direct Access feature which easily finds the place within a larger area without any challenge. It even finds out the complex places without any difficulty.

Destinations like airport, shopping malls etc are no more difficult to find. The Direct Access feature also navigates through parking lots to the entrance of your destination.

The Direct Access helps you to give extra information about your destination, whether it is any shop inside the mall.

Wireless Backup Camera

You can attach a wireless backup camera to Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA to see the vehicles, pedestrians and other obstructions at the backside of the vehicle while reversing.

The wireless camera is sold separately and does not come with the box.

You can also add another device called Garmin Baby Cam so that you can see the baby or toddler sitting at the back. You can monitor the backseat passenger on the display camera with this device.

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Other noticeable features

The Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA has a trip planner to plan your trips from before.  With this feature you can plan the trip, choose your route, your stop etc.

Along with the planner you will be able to record information as your trip log. You will be also able to add places of interest and make it more customized.

The touch screen is highly sensitive. The device notifies you in front of your previously added place of interest. Its USB mass storage is compatible with Windows XP or MAC operational system.

Garmin Drive Smart 60 NA is an affordable navigational product that fits in the budgets of many users. The company’s good will and all the amazing features make it one of the favorite navigational products among the users.


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