Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD Review 7-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator

Features at a glance:

  • Tailor made directory for trucks and trailers. Easily find the best truck stops based on preferred choices and brands. See reviews and ratings for stops by other truckers ( for points such as hotels, parking, restaurants etc)
  • Inbuilt service history log for truck maintenance, fuel consumption and other parameters
  • Get the ideal route for your truck based on size and weight
  • Big 7 inch  size glass display
  • GPS includes Lifetime Maps & HD Digital Traffic Updates
  • All important route warnings such as sharp turns, weight restrictions, steep inclines etc
  • The power of data using Foursquare app. Find the latest and most popular Points of Interests.
  • Get Local sunrise and sunset times
  • You receive important notices pertaining to State and country borders

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Garmin dēzl 770 LMTHD is an advanced trucking GPS unit. If driving is your business you would certainly benefit with the navigational features that the device brings along. Most vehicle segments have their dedicated GPS units and the dēzl series looks after the navigational needs of heavy vehicles.

Unique features like wide display screen, lifetime map update, customized truck routing, Truck and trailer services directory and road warnings make 770LMTHD  navigator a worthy product for all trucks and trailers. Lets us look at some of the important features of the unit.

Bigger screen and clear voice

Wide display screen of 7 inches gives the driver a better view; even one can see it across the vehicle. The speakers are loud and clear. Clear and loud spoken directions can be heard even on noisiest roads. The directions given by dēzl 770LMTHD are extremely clear and ensure that the driver moves with the least distraction from the road.

Garmin Real Direction not only guides you but also informs you about the landmarks, buildings, traffic signals and even the street signs.

Customize your truck route

Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD Navigator is loaded with maps of North America. It has a special feature to restrict your route according to bridge heights, sharp curves, weight limits etc. It gives you detailed information about roads, highways and major routes. You only have to put in details of your truck and it will find you the suitable route for perfect navigation.

There are two features called Simple truck profile and easy route shaping. The simple truck profile helps to swap trailer sizes and the easy route shaping lets you to change the route which can include your preferred places. The trip planner also helps you to plan your trip and create stops according to your choice.

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Best solution for traffic

The HD Digital Traffic receives traffic updates in every 30 seconds. You can save time by avoiding the trafficked route and avoid delay. Even a minute saving is sometimes crucial in terms of the whole journey. It will approximately tell you the minutes of delay and expected time of arrival. It will even inform you whether you are on the fastest route.

The HD digital traffic covers a wide area including interstates, highways, and secondary roads. It probably covers three times more road coverage. Apart from traffic information, the navigator can tell you about weather forecast, current weather update but for that free software may be required.

Bluetooth compatible

You can connect your devices with dēzl 770LMTHD  via Bluetooth. For example, you can connect your phone, speaker, and microphones to take call or to listen to direction to have a hands free experience while driving.

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Truck related places of interest and services

Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD GPS is specially made for trucks and trailers. So it helps to find out the places of interest for trucks. For example, it will locate the high rated truck stops, weight stations, parking, lodging for professional drivers.

You can also search for your preferred truck stops by their name and other places like shower, truck wash, scales and wifi. The truck and trailer service is preloaded with more than 30000 locations in USA and Canada for truck and trailer services. So you can get the services at any given point of time.

Hours of service

No need to track records in writing. You can record the hours of service and status in the device. It alerts you about violations on the route in advance.

You can easily download all the records to your desktop or laptop for your perusal.


Documentation of driving details is important for the trucks and trailers. Many documentation needs to be done for filling out logbooks, tax materials, different forms and quarterly International fuel tax agreement documentation. 770LMTHD GPS allows you can keep records and also improve its accuracy. The unit saves the number of miles traveled, hence filling up of documents become much easier.

Clear commands

Ask about direction and it will answer. It has voice activated navigation which gives clear navigational commands for a hassle free ride.

Navigates easily even on difficult interchanges

The device has an active lane guidance feature. It will guide you with the brightly colored arrow and the clear command to guide you properly through the roads. Photoreal junction helps you to show the exit points like they are in reality. You can clearly see the interchanges and junctions for a better navigational experience with Bird’s Eye Junction.

Smartphone link compatible

Smartphone link is a free mobile application that will help you to connect your Iphone or Android devise with the GPS unit.

With this you can share the data plan of your phone to share information. You can also access Garmin Live Services to get information such as weather forecasts and by-subscription. You can also buy premium contents like images from the traffic cameras on the signal or the weather radar data.

Wireless backup camera

You can attach wireless backup camera which is sold separately. Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator is compatible with BC 20 or BC 30 wireless camera. It will display the transmitted footage on the screen. You will have to install this camera by a professional to get a clear view. You can easily toggle between camera and navigational mode while riding.

UP ahead feature

It has a unique feature called UP Ahead which will help you to find places without leaving the map on display. It will inform you about the nearby places like gas station, food joints, ATM etc. This feature can be customized so that you are informed about your favorite destinations on the go.

More Information on the road

It is not only about the navigation map. The display also provides with many other information like upcoming road conditions, restrictions, sharp curves, bridge curves, weight limits, high wind areas, a no trailer or truck areas etc. It will alert you and make cautious about any danger ahead so that you amend your route. You will be also alerted if you cross the speed limit.

It has unique time feature. The clock automatically changes time zones. There is also a mile marker position. You will also be informed when you cross country border and estimated arrival time. Such information on one display screen will not confuse you. That is why its 7 inch screen is so useful.

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Service History Log

This feature helps you to record all the important and required information like date, services provided etc. It keeps a track of different other actions like tire mileage, tire pressure, oil changes, tire changes when you are on the go so that you do not have to jot it down elsewhere.

Lifetime Map Updates

This feature is present on almost all the Garmin GPS units. Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator is not an exception. It has detailed maps of North America with lifetime updates. With up to date maps you will always get the correct route. And it will also reflect your places of interest and other navigational information.

Other than this new maps are also available to be updated which are absolutely free. It is also linked with foursquare so that your places of interest are easy to find.

The device certainly offers commendable features for professional truckers. It has already established itself as a premium product in the segment and enjoys a good word of mouth publicity.

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